"It all just happened so fast!" - a recurring phrase that we've heard one too many times from the brides and grooms we've featured on our site. Even if your Indian wedding lasts a whole ten days, the celebrations fly by in a jiffy, leaving you in a whirlwind of wedding wonder. Here at Maharani Weddings, we have always emphasized on hiring a good photographer who can capture all these wonderful, fleeting moments, including those that you may not be a part of. We live in a highly digitized era, so naturally, you may be focusing on what to upload as your Facebook cover, or to your Instagram feed. But trust us when we say that you're going to love getting yourself a tangible keepsake! Printed albums tell a story, your story, and are one tradition that we will never let go of. If you think they are too expensive, take a look at MyPublisher's Premium Albums, one of our favorite recent discoveries! We delved into their website, and had a ball creating our own flush mount album! You can check it out on our Instagram 

Indian Bride and Groom Wedding Album


MyPublisher gives you an elegant way to display your wedding photos. Each one is handcrafted and custom made whether you are creating one for your home or as a gift for your parents. Offering the same professional quality at a fraction of the cost that a photographer will charge, MyPublisher offers brides two ways to create their albums. Through their free BookMaker® software brides can create and design the album themselves, using tools to fully customize it. 


Indian Wedding Photo Book


With options like Premium leather and Design Services, MyPublisher allows you to create that perfect, gilded coffee table centerpiece to match your Maharani style. The entire process was super user-friendly and only took a matter of minutes to complete! What's more, MyPublisher gives you an option where their system automatically generates the most beautiful album if you feel like you need an artistic eye. 


Indian Wedding Photo Album Red Sari


With the MyPublisher Design Service, brides can have their albums professionally designed. The MyPublisher team will curate the wedding photos and lay out for each page based on the bride's personal aesthetic. Brides can then add the final touches, making their album truly one of a kind. Brides can also get smaller-sized, Companion Albums for their families, without compromising on the design. What a perfect way to thank your loved ones for joining your big day!  


Indian Wedding Album


We love how MyPublisher has artfully curated materials that have been handpicked to ensure that any options you choose will result in a quality Premium Album with lasting impact. From their cover material, to their paper and finishing options, every choice is as superior as the next. To top it off, MyPublisher's competitive pricing means great values all around, and MyPublisher is offering Maharani readers 50% off their wedding albums for a limited time! You can create your own Premium Album here!


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