We’re thrilled to announce the sixth edition of the Maharani Weddings Mehndi Contest! This is a fantastic opportunity for henna artists across the world to showcase designs not only to a global audience, but also to THE Mehndi connoisseur, adored by brides, Bollywood, and Hollywood alike! Enter: Ash Kumar. Ash Kumar is the pioneer behind The Ash Kumar Group of Companies, that prides itself on some of the most elite Mehndi artists, and also has a henna course at the Ash Kumar Academy for aspiring Mehndi artists. Ash Kumar is a strong believer of organic unity, so all their products (henna paste, powder kits, glitters, tattoos and crystals) are either made in-house or sourced by the genius himself. 

On November 30th, December 1st, and December 2nd, we will be showcasing the cream of the henna crop, and you will have the chance to VOTE for your favorite artist! Below, you can find all the details pertaining to entry, qualifications, and how to win! 

Indian Wedding Mehndi Jewel Tone

During our wildly wonderful "Mehndi Festival" (November 30th - December 2nd), we'll be showcasing 10 Mehndi artists from around the globe, handpicked by Team MW. You, dear readers, will have the chance to vote for your favorite artist! Details on how to cast your vote will be given when we reveal the finalists. Check out these incredible prizes provided by Ash Kumar, who will also be announcing the fabulous winners!!

First place: AK Henna Gift Basket worth $200.00!

Second place:  AK Henna Gift Basket worth $125.00!

Third place: AK Henna Gift Basket worth $75.00!


How to enter:

• Head over to the Mehndi Maharani Submissions Form 

• Submit 8 to 10 images of your most sensational work

The deadline to enter is Monday, November 21, 2016.

Submit your beautiful henna work to be crowned the Mehndi Maharani 2016! Good luck, Mehndi Artists, and let the fun begin!