"It all happens so fast...". We've heard it all too often from the brides and groom's we've featured on our site. When it comes to your South Asian wedding event, whether it's two days or seven days of celebrations, it all seems to happen in a whirlwind of wedding wonder, and then poof, it's over. That's why it's so important to hire a good photographer who can help you memorialize those fleeting moments — the moments that make it to your Facebook cover and profile photos, the ones that overflow your Instagram accounts and the one's that get framed and displayed in your homes and cover your desktops as heartwarming wallpapers. For all of those extra special moments, we discovered MyPublisher's Photo Books and even had a ball creating our own Deluxe Leather Cover Photo Book with Lay Flat Pages and a Satin Finish! You can check it out on our Instagram!  

MyPublisher gives you control of creating and curating your own customized weeding guestbook, as seen below, using engagement photos of your own personal photos of the beginning of your relationship for a really meaningful keepsake.     MyPublisher also has free, downloadable software with intuitive features that enable a simple step-by-step process for building your custom Photo Book.



 Their Photo Books are an affordable way to personalize a beautiful wedding day keepsake, or even create a statement piece for your event and after using two of their new templates — Wedding Guestbook and Travel Log! The Wedding Guestbook is the perfect way to display engagement photos at your wedding, and the Travel Log is a gorgeous way to document those honeymoon photos you'll come home with as husband and wife!

With options like Lay Flat Pages, Super Gloss Printing, Foil Stamps and Slipcases, you can create the perfect coffee table centerpiece that matches your Maharani style — and we still can't get over how user-friendly the process was! MyPublisher even gives you the option to let their system automatically generate the most beautiful book if you don't trust your own artistic eye, and the entire process only takes a matter of minutes to complete!

We love how MyPublisher has artfully curated materials that have been carefully selected to ensure that any options you choose will deliver a quality Photo Book or Premium Album with lasting impact. From their cover materials to their paper and finishing options, every choice is equally superior as the next. To top it off, MyPublisher's competitive pricing means great values all around, especially with their weekly promotions! 

You can view more images of these incredible Photo Books in the full gallery and create your own Photo Book here!


  And keep an eye out for out upcoming post about MyPublisher's Premium Wedding Albums that you'll definitly want on your coffee table and for you parents.

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