Happy Friday, Maharanis! With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we're here to start your weekend off extra sweet with five of the most incredible wedding films we could find — starting with this Sikh wedding celebration in Sacramento, California, shot and edited by the terrifically talented team at Aperina Studios! Meet today's first couple of the hour, Raman and Paramveer, as they get ready to head off into wedded bliss with a stunning shaadi planned by Anaïs Event Planning & Design that features an unforgettable Sikh ceremony at the Gurdwara Sahib West Sacramento and a post-ceremony soirée at the White Lotus Banquet Hall. You'll be dazzled by the blushing Indian bride's stunning fashions, her breathtaking mehndi work by the one and only Neeta Sharma of Mehndi Designer and her wedding day hair and makeup by the artists from Elegant Looks and Color Me Makeup. We're over-the-moon for Raman's exquisite dream wedding details and you will be too!

Maharani Raman, on how she met the Raja of her dreams, Paramveer:

"Growing up, every girl dreams of the day she will finally meet her prince charming. She diligently plans and eagerly waits to check off every criteria on her demanding "list." Of course, I had my bucket list ready for my prince charming to show up any time I wanted. Throughout college, while most proactively went about searching for their partners, I spent my time trying to get my A to an A plus. After I finished school and started working, I was disappointed that my prince was nowhere to be found. Then one magical Friday, I went to work and my friend told me about this “guy.” Of course, we talked about him for hours: “How did he walk, what was he wearing, how did he look, age, built, etc, etc.” She handed me his number and in all excitement I grabbed it and took it home. I was excited, but I was also nervous. I didn’t want to make the first move and call him, so... I waited. Then, one day I got the will power to finally pick up the phone and see if this “guy” was really as down to earth as she mentioned, and to my surprise, he was! Our first conversation went on for more than 30 minutes, and it seemed so natural. We started talking and right off the bat, we became good friends. We both played it cool, wanting the other person to take the leap forward, but over time this friendship led to much more. January 19, 2014 was the day everything changed. On the day of his flight to India, we both confessed that we had feelings for each other and wanted to spend our life together. Of course it had to play out like an epic movie scene, all taking place when he was about to fly out of the country! We talked on the phone every single day, confessing our love for one another, and we couldn't believe how long it took us to move forward. I cannot imagine ever wanting to marry anyone else. His humble heart, sense of humor, and genuine nature is what makes Pamma such an amazing person. I have always said, “It’s hard to find a person with traditional values/morals nowadays,” but I’m glad Babaji was listening and sent Pamma my way. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime. Pamma is and always will be my rock! Our story is what confirms my belief that when two people are meant to be, no matter what comes their way, they will end up together. We started off as two strangers, but with one friend and one brave phone call, we began our love story!"

On their engagement:

"In July 2014, we had already made it official with the families meeting that we were going to get married so I just figured I wasn't going to get a typical proposal with a ring because that would happen at the engagement. To my surprise, my husband had a different plan. On March 15 2015, we went for our first photo shoot pre engagement and right in front of the sacramento bridge, he plays the song "Tu hi to janna meri" and bends on one knee and pulls out the ring. I was shocked because I had thought my ring would not be ready until the first week of june. He literally swept me off my feet."

On her wedding style:

"Growing up, I had always imagined my wedding to be at the West Sacramento Sikh temple. My favorite color was always pink and I had told myself that on my wedding day, I will wear hot pink and not red so thats why for the reception I went with the deep red vintage look. My sister in law helped me plan the decor because we had a vision for something different. For the events we wanted colors that were festive and fun so we played with different colors until we saw our vision come to reality."

On what she enjoyed most about planning the Desi wedding of her dreams:

"The thing I enjoyed most about planning was learning about all the things that go into planning a wedding. When you not the person getting married and planning the details you don't realize what it all entitles. My sister in law was there by my side each step of the way. I have learned so much through this process and with learning my dream wedding came to reality."

On picking out her dream wedding lengha(s):

"Growing up, I already knew the color I wanted my lengha to be. I didn't get the opportunity to go to India so My in laws and grandma went to do the shopping for me. Spend sleepless nights face timing and on the phone. My main interest was just to have something a little different and heavy!"

On her most memorable wedding moment:

"Looking back, Every event was so special to me but the thing I loved the most was seeing all the family come together to celebrate each and every event. All the laughter, fun, and love that was spread made every event so very special. The moment I really cannot forget is the feelings I had right before entering the Darbar sahib of the gurdwara before the ceremony. I have never been so anxious but before I entered, I just prayed everything would turn out perfect and I didn't feel better until my Raja and I made eye contact and from then on, I was no longer anxious, but I cannot ever forget that feeling I had."

On her and Raja Paramveer's first dance song selection:

"Our slow dance song was "je main pinky moge wali". We had help choosing this song from my sis in law. We were both searching for a song that just expressed how much we love each other. My husband and I are very proud of our culture and we love to show it so we wanted a song that captured our essence."

On her hair and makeup:

"For Hair, I had always wanted my hair big and high. Flowers was one thing I thought of a couple weeks before. I wanted orchids but I like simple and not too much so I worked with Jaskaran from Elegant Looks and discussed exactly what I wanted and I was able to order the flowers and the Hair turned out exactly the way I wanted.
Makeup was by Husna at color me makeup and I left it up to her to work her magic. She is one amazing makeup artist, she is great at what she does."

On the role that family and friends played:

"This whole wedding could not have been possible without both families. Our families worked so well together to plan each event. The churra was very special to me, it was just so sweet seeing the Mamas being so careful to put the bangles on my hands and making sure they were not hurting me. My father passed when I was young so when planning the wedding I would always get sad that I will feel his loss the most during my wedding and I did but my family was there by my side every step of the way so I would never feel the loss. My in laws in fact have done so much for me to make sure I get everything the way I want which made everything so very special."

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Mehndi Artists: Mehndi Designer | Cinematography: Aperina Studios | Venue: Gurdwara Sahib West Sacramento | Venue & Catering: White Lotus Banquet Hall | Planning & Decor: Anaïs Event Planning & Design | Cakes & Treats: Ettore's | DJs & Entertainment/Lighting: Wicked Entertainment | Photography: James Thomas Long Photography | Hair: Elegant Looks | Makeup: Color Me Makeup