Abe and Vaishali make their newlywed debut at their Indian wedding reception inside the grand Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose, California! Donning a sensational purple lengha by the renowned Sari Palace, our Maharani is definitely sporting that bridal glow. The hair stylists at Lilly's Beauty World give her a mesmerizing side-do flowing in curls that fits in perfectly with her jhoomar accessory. Gently twirling her on the dance floor is her new hubby looking classy in a black suit. They make an awesome pair! The night concluded with heartfelt toasts, great food and of course, more dancing! Relive all the flash and fun of this D. Royal Engagements-stamped affair with Janet Love Photography in the gallery!

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From the bride, on the first dance:

"There were so many! Special moments with my mom, my daddy-daughter dance with my dad (where the band played "My Girl" live), seeing Abe's parents for the first time, hearing my grandfather speak, having Abe's niece and nephew give me the biggest hugs after the wedding, etc.. But I think one moment that stands out is a moment that happened during the ceremony. During our Hindu ceremony, there was a portion where the Panditji asked Abe to repeat some words in Sanskrit. The Panditji then had my father repeat some words in Sanskrit as well. Now, keep in mind that neither my father nor my soon to be husband understood a word of Sanskrit. Well, after the words were repeated, the Panditji told Abe he had now entered a contract with my father where he promised to take care of me and honor me. Being the nerd that I am, the first thought that came to my mind was a dorky law-related thought about how if neither of them knew what they were saying when they said it, how could there be a valid contract? But of course, I just kept the thought to myself because who in the world would make a nerdy law reference at the Mandap at their wedding?! I'll tell you who-- my husband! No sooner did I have that thought and expel it from my brain did my fella lean over and whisper to me "but there was no meeting of the minds!" His dorky comment essentially matched the dorky comment in my mind. That moment confirmed that there is no one in this world who gets me, my sense of humor, how my brain works, and all the things I want out of life more than Abe. And it's nice that even when my dorky thoughts are at an all time high, there's always one person I can count on to one up me by saying it out loud!"

On the first dance:

"Our band performed Frank Sinatra's "The Way You Look Tonight". We had some trouble picking a first dance song. There were plenty of songs Abe loved and I used my veto power on. There were also a few that I loved but Abe did not give his stamp of approval on! But we both decided we wanted a classic song that the band could play live. We had a few runners up but when we landed on The Way You Look Tonight we both knew right away that we loved it!"

On the cake:

"We did a small cake just for the token of cutting it and a huge dessert bar! Jen's Cakes in Willow Glenn did the desserts and they were delicious!"

Hope you enjoyed this wedding as much as I did! Until next time, dolls...

DJ: DJ Tanveer | Photography: Janet Love Photography | Sangeet Venue: Shannon Community Center | Ceremony / Reception Venue: Dolce Hayes Mansion | Cinematography: Life in Digital | Floral & Decor / Lighting: Designer's Touch | Cakes & Treats: Jen's Cakes | Catering: Turmeric | DJs & Entertainment: Busta Groove | Hair & Makeup: Lilly's Beauty World | Mehndi Artists: Keyuri's | Indian Sweets: Lovely Sweets | Cake Flowers: Enchantment Floral