The latest edition to our Indian wedding scrapbook comes from the renowned planners at RB Event Design and it's taking place in Aberdeen, New Jersey. Today's lovely pair started off as teenagers in love, and now they're getting ready to be husband and wife! Events Capture gives us a peek at our alluring bride-to-be all made up by talented hair and makeup artist KC Makeup by Karuna Chani. Vicki looks enchanting in chocolate-brown eye shadows and a beautiful red lip. Her gold hairline hugger tikka falls beautifully on her high volume updo, complementing her floor-length red and white lengha to a T! And, then there's the man of the hour, Kishan, who is the perfect match in a white sherwani. We've got loads more on the way including Design House Decor showcasing awe-inspiring floral and decor, but in the meantime, skip over to the gallery to see our divine duo's first look photo shoot!

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getting ready,hair and makeup,tikka
getting ready,mehndi,bangles
getting ready
getting ready,groom fashion,sherwanis
getting ready,bridal fashion,lengha,bridal lengha
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From the bride, on how they met:

"I met Kishan when we were 16 years old at his cousin’s sweet 16. He was this nerdy looking boy with the goofiest smile. We first became friends and then a year later we begun to date. He was very impressed with how much we had in common even down to the hair gel that we used. We went to the same college and then parted ways for Medical school but it wasn’t until 3rd year of Medical school when I knew that I was going to marry the goofy looking kid I met 9 years ago. At this time, we had began to live together and I knew that he would be the one when he despite also being in Medical school would treat me like a princess, have dinner prepared, cleaned the apartment, or have the laundry done. He always put me before him."

On the proposal:

"Kishan and I had begun to talk about getting engaged but he would always say not until after residency. We were finally 4th years in medical school and I had a chat with him in regarding to how I was getting up there in age and he needed to propose soon if he was serious. He then wanted to revisit this conversation until after we matched. But it was on November 19th that he proposed. So I had been busy with school and in November I would finally have sometime. He had planned something early for my birthday since we really hadn’t had the opportunity to spend time with each other. Well, on November 18th, I decided to throw a curve ball and insisted that we spend a day in NYC going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art followed by sweet treats at Serendipity. Kishan throughout the day seemed annoyed. We went home early and the following day we were supposed to go back to NYC. My parents rushed out the house on November 19th stating that they were going to an Indian Wedding. Later that evening Kishan came over with a box, gave me a dress to wear, and then rushed me to make it to NYC on time because he had told me were going to do the boat cruise. To his surprise, there was no traffic in the Lincoln Tunnel so we arrived in less than an hour. As we were looking for parking around the pier, I thought I saw a friend of mine and his cousin, which would be odd since they did not know each other. I began to question Kishan about my encounter and he fumbled through his words but somehow I was convinced. Then as we got to the Pier, he clumsily dropped his wallet and its contents on the floor. I rolled my eyes and decided to continue to walk towards the Pier. As we neared the boat, he proposed that I would use the restroom in the middle of the Pier and I continued to ignore him and walk towards the boat. Once we entered the boat, we were seated downstairs in an isolated section with one lady sitting behind us by herself. I had commented how strange that was and as we progressed through the evening, peculiar instances began to continue including waiter and waitresses staring. As the boat decided to sail, the pianist began to play music. I commented as to how wonderful it would be for him to play “All my life” by KC and Jojo. To my surprise, his next song was just that. I looked in his direction in awe trying to take in the moment and before I could look away, my closest friends and family began to walk down the stairs and Kishan on one knee asked me to marry him."

The ceremony shots are next!

Floral & Decor: Design House Decor | Planning & Design: RB Event Design | Photography/Cinematography: Events Capture | Venue: Addison Park | Caterer: Aashirwad Palace | DJs & Entertainment: DJ Insomnia of Premier Entertainment | Cakes & Treats: Alfonso's Pastry Shoppe | Ahmedabad India: Dresses/Jewelry | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman | Photo Booth: Miles of Smiles | Stationery: Heena K. Patel