The palatial Hard Rock Cancun in Mexico hosts Dimple and Roman's Destination Indian fusion wedding extravaganza! In honor of the bride being Hindu and the groom—Polish Catholic, our lovebirds decided to have two weddings to celebrate both cultures and traditions. Ocean Photo Studio kick things off with the Indian nuptials where Zuñiga Productions designs a vibrant mandap draped in red, blue and gold fabric. Circular floral arrangements of red and white roses, courtesy of Tulipañia, put the finishing touch of romance to the decor. Our Maharani is a vision of grace and beauty as she walks down the aisle in a red and gold lengha choli—from Sushma Design! What a lovely ceremony, which you can see more of in the gallery! And stay tuned, we've got lots more on the way!

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From the bride, on how they met:

"I met him through his brother who was one of my close friends. It took me sometime to realize he was the one as we had been in similar social circles for years. But it just goes to show, sometimes something that is just so perfect for you could be right under your nose. You just need to open your eyes and consider the possibilities!"

On the proposal:

"The time that Roman proposed was one of the best times we had spent together. We were traveling to Costa Rica for his brother's wedding. We decided to go to Costa Rica early because there was nothing more that I wanted than to see the Arenal Volcano.  We went there and the area was one of the most beautiful places I had been.  We spent a day swimming in waterfalls and hot springs, went to a butterfly preserve, hiked up to a natural lake in the mountains, and had lunch on a farm with horses all around us.  The next day Roman asked me to come outside of our room which was overlooking the Volcano, I looked at the view, and look back at him to find him on one knee and a ring in his hand.  It was one of the happiest days of my life... but I am not so sure how happy his brother was when we arrived at the wedding with the announcement causing much of the attention to be focused on us!  But brothers will all always be brothers! "

On the venue:

"My husband and I had the pleasure of getting married at the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun. Our wedding was a fusion wedding in that my husband is Polish Catholic and I am Hindu Indian. We wanted to have two ceremonies in order to honor both traditions. We also wanted to have multiple events including a welcome reception/rehearsal dinner one day and a traditional Indian Sangeet (dance party!) the night before the wedding. The Hard Rock executed all of this flawlessly. First off, the staff at the Hard Rock was amazing! Everyone was ridiculously friendly, active, available, and engaged in planning the wedding. We initially worked with their headquarters in Coral Gables, Florida, before the wedding was transferred to the on site planners at the property a month before. I had read some complaints about this process in online reviews, but for me, this process worked seamlessly. I had a domestic partner who helped me prep everything I needed ahead of the wedding being transferred to the on site planner. Once all the major check boxes were taken care of (30 days out thankfully!) the wedding was transferred to the onsite planner to execute the details. With the "domestic partner" we picked all the décor for the Hindu wedding and the "symbolic wedding." The Hindu wedding and the Sangeet were quite the process as we were looking at online photos of Indian decor and working with a Mexican decorating company to get it all done as pictured - but nothing was seen in person by us! There were numerous conference calls and email exchanges but it all came together as we pictured! Thankfully, the western traditions and the "symbolic wedding" were much easier! I fell in love with the purple shimmer package, added some floral details, and we were good to go. Once on site, the welcome reception was done on the breeze terrace with amazing views - all the appetizers and drinks were super yummy. We had a great time at the Japanese Hibachi restaurant afterwards. It turned into quite the party. They assisted me in bringing a Mexican Henna Artist who has lived and studied in India on site for the Sangeet. I also got my wedding henna done by her also. It was awesome - darkest henna I had. EVER. We were also able to get traditional Indian food brought on site with no problems from the Taste of India. The onsite planner set us up with a tasting at the restaurant, and honestly, it was some of the best Indian food I ever had. In Mexico?? Who knew! The reception décor, cake, and service was executed perfectly."

On the hair and makeup:

"The RockSpa at the Hard Rock hotel was amazing. I simply whipped out Bollywood hairstyles from online and they were able to recreate them quickly and with precision. Hair and makeup were executed flawlessly."

The bride gets ready for her American ceremony, next!

Venues: Hard Rock Cancun | Photography: Ocean Photo Studio | Hair & Makeup: Posh Beauty Salon | Mehndi Artist: Veronica De La Paz | Bridal Lengha: Sushma Design | Reception Lengha: Friendship Sarees | White Wedding Dress: Betsy Robinson's Bridal Collection | Decor: Zuñiga Productions | Florist: Tulipañia