Alternative Life Photography & Design shares with us a sensational South Indian wedding at The Westin Atlanta Perimeter North, in Atlanta, Georgia! Here's our lovely bride getting her hair and makeup done by Mytypeofmakeup by Maha Karim. Sporting a traditional long braid, our Maharani looks radiant in bronze and chocolate brown eye shadows, topped off with a glossy rose lip! Gouri turned to Angadi Silks for her beautiful red sari, and Malabar Gold & Diamonds blinged her out in gorgeous jewels. Make sure to check back soon, because we've got lots more in store, but in the meantime, head to the gallery for more beauty tips!

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From the bride, on how they met:

"We first met at a Hirshhorn After Hours Party (a Smithsonian Museum). I was there with a couple of my friends and he was there with his. He of course caught my eye. Our first date was the most planned first date I had been on and definitely the longest. We went on a mini golf bar crawl through DC and then had dinner and drinks at a great Thai place.  The day date was around 8 hours long. We went our separate ways as we each had evening plans with friends. By chance we met again that same night at a club with our friends. By far the best date I have ever been on. I knew he was the one after a white water rafting trip about 3-4 months in. I ended up being the only girl and he made sure to make me feel included. He was even willing to cut his trip short for me since I wasn't feeling well.  I got to see all the different sides of Rajesh and I loved them all!"

On the proposal:

"My friends all said that he had set the bar extremely high for all guys.  It was the single most exciting, thrilling and emotional day of my life. I’m not a crier, but I think I cried more in that one day than the rest of my life total. Rajesh had planned an extravagant scavenger hunt throughout the DC area. It was a complete surprise! It included friends flying in, shopping spree, hair blow out, limo filled with all my favorite snacks, a surprise engagement party and so much more!  I don’t think anything will ever come close to this proposal in my entire life. As soon as I get into the limo I hear one of my favorite songs from Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are. This made me very emotional. I get there right as the song was ending and the moment FINALLY arrives!  I’m so excited, nervous, and dying of anticipation. The driver opens up the car door and I see Rajesh in the shadow. And I finally can’t hold it in anymore and the tears don’t stop. The closer I get the more tears come. It was freezing…the wind was blowing like crazy and my hair kept sticking to my freshly glossed lips. He hugs me and I don’t want to let go but he says he has to ask me something. He gets down on one knee and proposes. I don’t remember what he was saying, or how long he spoke or even if I spoke…..but we can safely assume I said Yes. We hugged and kissed and I don’t think I had ever been so happy and emotional in my whole life! We take the limo to dinner at Ceiba, a Latin restaurant. It was really nice. They even made special menus for us, it was pretty cool. At dinner Rajesh said that there was still one more surprise…I couldn’t believe it. What more could he do?!  As we are leaving its start to flurry!! So perfect. We get in and Rajesh gives him directions. I still have no idea where we are going but he says for me to close my eyes as we get closer.  He said he wanted to have a blind fold but forgot to bring it with him. So I close my eyes. We start to go up all these stairs and he finally says I can look and what do I see?!... A HUGE PARTY!!!   It was a surprise engagement party!  I couldn’t believe it. Everyone from the day was there plus many more! It was just so unbelievable!  It was the perfect way to end the most perfect day!"

Ceremony shots are coming up!

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Venues: The Westin Atlanta Perimeter North | Photography: Alternative Life Photography & Design | Hair & Makeup: Mytypeofmakeup by Maha Karim | Ceremony Fashion: Angadi Silks | Bride's Reception Fashion: Samyakk | Groom Fashion: Ahmed's - Banglore India | Bridal Jewelry: Malabar Gold & Diamonds | Cakes & Treats: Publix | Catering: Chopaati | Cocktail Hour and Dinner: Madras Chettinaad