Kristin Speed Photography shares with us a Destination Indian Fusion wedding from Jaipur, India! We start off with the sangeet celebration, which takes place at the majestic Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh. Our Maharani looks beguiling in her red, silk outfit! Somya is all about mixing traditional elements with a fashionable twist, so she accessorized her long skirt with a silk mandarin collar jacket. It goes together perfectly! Her hair is pulled back into a neat bun, letting her true beauty take center stage. And, she's all smiles standing alongside her handsome hubby-to-be, who looks suave in an all black ensemble. This pre-wedding celebration continued with great music, awesome dance numbers, and of course, lots of bright colors! To check out the mehndi party, go to the gallery!

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From the bride, on how they met:

"In the oddest of circumstances, I had to relocate from London to Munich while I was working at IBM. At the time, it seemed like such an incoherent move because I had never been to Germany before nor did I speak any German! But now, when we look back on it, we understand how destiny works in sneaky, mysterious ways and how our love story fits in this grand scheme called life. We worked in the same office in Munich and became friends over time. After three months of the 'chase' (as he calls it!), one night I agreed to Nick's offer to take me out to dinner and like they say, the rest is history!"

On the proposal:

"The proposal was a surprise because I was certain that Nick would propose to me when we would go to attend the Oktoberfest in Munich last year. I was already living in London then and Nick was living in Sweden. As is prevalent in Indian culture, Nick first spoke to my dad and asked for his permission. It was romantic because he traveled all the way to India to spend a couple of days with the family. Upon our return from India, he took me to the Shard in London. It's the tallest building in the city and has amazing panoramic views. Overlooking the Tower Bridge, he found us a spectacular table with the most delicious food and after these varieties of bribery, he trapped me forever! <winks!> On one knee and everything in the middle of a restaurant; I was too surprised to remember anything he said after that - all I remember hearing is ..."will you marry me?" Apparently the speech was good!"

On a special moment:

"...The dance that my Mom and Nick did at the Sangeet. My parents visited me in Munich and Nick drove all of us around Europe. We used to listen to this song, Kabira, and my mom could tell that I had fallen hard for Nick. She told me privately then that she will dance to that song with Nick if we got married. It was really emotional, their dance together - my two best friends in celebration mode."

The bride gets ready to be wed, next!

Photography: Kristin Speed Photography | Sangeet Venue: Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh | Reception Venue: Jai Mahal Palace | Ceremony Bridal Fashion: WovenTree | Ceremony Bridal Jewelry: Dwarkas | Mehndi Ceremony Bridal Jewelry: Amrapali | Reception Floral & Decor: Diamond Florist | Canopy: Lekhraj | Reception Lighting: Shekhawat | Bridal Shoes: Prada | Hair Stylist: Kaya Jaipur | Canopy / Decor for Sisodia Rani ka Bagh: Raja Tents | Sisodia Rani Bagh Lighting: Dhakad | Groom Fashion: Benzer | Groom Shoes: Manyavar Jaipur