Our next Indian wedding film features one of the most adorable bride's you'll ever see. Her contagious energy shines through this highlight reel filmed and edited by Rishabh Agarwal of Magica in New Delhi. The video starts with a storytelling session from the bride and groom as they fill you in on their a nearly missed connection, that didn't get lost thanks to a few sweet words from the groom. You'll see some of the pre-wedding festivities which highlight Maharani Priyanka's serious dance skills and some high energy fun. The incredible ceremony will also make your heart skip a beat with some romantic moments and its own equally charming ones. Make sure to pay attention to the happy couples words, and if you're a single Maharani still in search of Maharaja Right, this is what you should take from this beautiful union: it's never too late.

We still have one more fantastic wedding film on the way, so make sure not to miss out!

Cinematography: Magica