Ladies, we've got a sweet California treat for you today, courtesy of the highly talented Wedding Documentary Photography & Videography! Maharani Parul and Maharaja Sameer celebrate their Indian nuptials during a Thanksgiving weekend in the Bay Area. The groom looks debonair on his beautiful horse  — supplied by the Vintage Carriage Company during the baraat, which is enlivened by dhol players from Wicked Entertainment! The ceremony aisle at The Rotunda looks spectacular with stunning red, pink and orange floral arrangements complete with hanging crystals that rest on champagne glasses, all thanks to floral & decor masters, Shakor Decor. That has to be my favorite piece of decor thus far! The blushing bride, Parul, looks exquisite in her colorful red-orange, yellow and green lenghaArtistry by Wagma dolls her up in subtle eye shadows along with a bright red lip, and Bridelicious gives her an elegant updo. Following the Hindu ceremony, these lovebirds each release a dove, provided by Bay Area Doves, to signify their love and togetherness. Stay with me as I bring you lots more from this amazing event, including the reception which was held at The Fairmont San Jose, but until then, see more of the wedding in the gallery!

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indian ceremony
indian ceremony
indian ceremony
indian ceremony
indian ceremony
indian ceremony

From the bride, on how they met:

"I met Sameer at a family friend's house 11 years ago. For Sameer, it was love at first sight. He was shy to talk to me, but had a crush on me for 12 years, but never told me. Sameer, me, and a few other family friends decided we would have kitty parties (just hanging out at restaurants and have fun). Even during those times, friends would joke around about me considering Sameer, but I would mention that I am not into doctors and family friends. Ten years later, I decided to move to Mountain View from Fremont and I called him to see if he wanted to go out with a few of my friends. Sameer couldn't make it, but he mentioned he would help me move in and set up my place. Sameer showed up and we started hanging out more often as friends, until we went to a shooting range. Once I was so close to him, i felt an attraction with him and fell in love with him."

On the proposal:

"Well my proposal, I would say was not as romantic as other proposals I have seen or heard, but it was definitely enough for me to love. Sameer told me last January that we will get engaged soon, but he decided to wait a good 6 months to propose. Sameer knew I was expecting a proposal, so the only way he could side track me is by pulling my leg and irritating me. He did it for a good 48 hours prior to the proposal. Sameer would cancel our plans that we made, not show up to events that we RSVP'd (because he was "not feeling well"), and not picking up my phone calls for 10 hours! The day after the proposal, we were going to Cabo for my friends wedding, so we needed to pack. Sameer had the whole day off work and in the evening he told me we are having dinner with his parents. I had work that day and left early to do my errands and pack. Sameer told me to be at his place by 7 sharp so we can go out for dinner. I ended up running late and decided to call him on my way to his place. So as i am talking to him, i mention how i will be there in 5 minutes. Sameer mentions how he was going to jump in the shower then. I got annoyed since he was yelling at me for running late. I get to his place and he had the shower "running". I decided to watch some tv and Sameer came out of his room and then he told me how he hasn't even packed for Cabo and if I can help. I basically was really mad by now (since he had all day to pack) and stormed through the hallway into his room. As I enter in the room (Sameer has a long hallway in his room), he had the whole hallway from top to bottom, with roses hanging on the wall and rose pedals on the carpet leading to him, and candles lit on the floor. As I saw all that, I dropped my bag of hats for Sameer, and then I knew he was going to propose. He surprised me with this proposal and was very romantic for him to do it this way."

On the wedding style:

"I have been dreaming about my wedding since i was a little girl. I know a lot of girls say that, but it was true for me. People would say, Parul is ready for her wedding, all she needs is her prince charming to insert in her wedidng. I have been collecting a "scrapbook" of ideas for wedding decorations, outfits, and colors since computers really existed (and i had my own). After i got engaged, i basically collected all the ideas that i thought would look good for the time and place i was getting married from my scrapbook. I then put everything on a word document and printed it out. Then i took all those ideas and anything i liked from each of them and i started getting an idea of what i wanted. Every decorator i went, i would present a few of the ideas i had and they would let me know if they can do it or not and how much it would cost. After i finalized on a decorator, i spent a lot of time with them to finalize my design of the floral, mandap, backdrops and centerpieces. I basically had all my ideas presented to me and was thrilled when i saw it in real life. I also wanted the colors of my mandap to be different then the usual gold and red, and match my colors of my outfit. After playing with pastels colors, i found my match."

On a special moment:

"The part I felt magical was when I was coming down the stairs at The Rotunda, City Hall and noticing the venue with all my decorations, center pieces, people I love and care for looking at me, and making my dream come true."

On family and friends helping:

"My family and friends have been looking forward to my wedding since I graduated from College. They have beewaiting for a long time and once they found out I was getting married, they all helped to make my wedding possible in 5 months. They helped with monitoring and making sure everything is going well and the guest are happy to performing dances, songs, and speeches during the sangeet."

Portraits are up next!

Photography: Wedding Documentary Photo + Cinema | Venues: The Fairmont San Jose | Baraat: Vintage Carriage Company | Floral & Decor: Shakor Decor | Ceremony Venue: The Rotunda | Catering: Sakoon | Hookah: Bijan Restaurant | Sangeet Hair & Makeup: Christal Clear | Doves: Bay Area Doves | Ceremony / Reception Makeup: Artistry by Wagma | Ceremony / Reception Hair: Bridelicious | Cakes & Treats: Cream | Stilt Walkers: Big Fun Circus | Break Dancers: Ariel Dance Productions | Dance Floor Stage/Lights & Sound Production Services: A. Caballero Productions | Photo Booth: Tap Snap