Are you ready for a remarkably, romantic engagement film? You are going to absolutely fall in love with this next Maharani and her incredibly breathtaking style. SWAT Films shot and edited this spectacular highlight reel that features a bride-to-be and the Raja of her dreams as they celebrate their engagement in true New York City style. This budding bride will blow your mind with her gorgeous coral and hot pink lengha as she walks the streets of an impressive, concrete jungle. The juxtaposition between her soft and delicate look and the urban backdrop is a striking contrast that is sure to please Maharanis with a modern taste. This adoring couple party in style at Cipriani, alongside friends and family, to the body-moving beats brought in by DJUSA. If their engagement is this fabulous, can you imagine what their wedding will be like?

Stick around, ladies! We still have one more Filmy on the way!

Cinematography: SWAT Films | Venue: Cipriani | DJs & Entertainment: DJUSA