Greetings, my girlfriends! The enormously skillful Banga Studios brings us a joyous Sikh Indian wedding that takes place in Canada! Maharani Amanpreet looks stunning as she's getting ready for the big day! Honey's Beauty Lounge gives her shimmering gold shadows and a muted rose lip to accompany her radiant red & gold lengha by KJ Trendz. I adore the voluminous pulled back up-do by Beauty Bliss. Amanpreet's hubby-to-be, Rajat, looks handsome himself as he puts on his champagne-colored sherwani by Raja Fabrics
. What a lovely pair these two make! I hear she was quite a challenge once they met, but Rajat's persistence definitely paid off! Who doesn't love a persistent man, right ladies?! As the lively baraat welcomes in the groom, the always-entertaining Empire Entertainment & Band Bajha Entertainment infuses this momentous occasion with heart-pounding music & fun! There's so much more to come, but for now, see more getting ready images & the baraat in the gallery!

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indian bride getting ready
indian bride getting ready
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From the bride, on how they met:

"Rajat and I met in first year university in 2005. We were taking the same anthropology class at the University of Toronto, Mississauga location. He was sitting with our mutual friend and I walked into class. He asked his friend who I was, and our friend introduced us. At first, I didn't pay much attention to him, and of course that made him try even more. Eventually, after a few years, I gave him a chance. I knew he was "the one" as soon as we started going out. I saw how caring, loving and family-oriented he was, and I loved that about him."

On the proposal:

"Rajat planned an elaborate surprise dance proposal with his siblings and cousins. Both of our families and friends were in on it. I was supposed to go to dinner with friends. They came over and we were heading out to a restaurant. Before I was able to leave my front door, my sister came and blindfolded me, and led me to a chair on the driveway. Music started playing, and my sister removed my blindfold. All I saw was a sea of pink and white shirts dancing around and the shirts said "will you marry me". It was a fully choreographed dance (choreographed by his cousins). Near the end, Rajat came out in a makeshift horse (made out of a broomstick handle) and entered the dance. His shirt said, "say yes" He had a cookie cake that had "will you marry me" written on it. He came up, bent down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes, and the rest is history! I was in shock, after the dance routine was over, I looked around and saw that all of my friends, and his friends and our families were all there, on my driveway and sidewalk. Neighbours were outside of their homes, watching and clapping. It was spectacular."

On the lenghas:

"My wedding morning lengha was from KJ Trendz. I had their wedding lenghas in several wedding magazines, and knew that there was where I would be getting my morning outfit. We did look at a different stores, to see what else was out there in terms of style, but at the end decided on KJ Trendz. The reception outfit was a bit different. That took hours of researching and designing with Almari Couture. I met Mandy from Almari Couture at the Kismit Wedding show and they were the only ones that I spoke to that were open to creating a dress with a western twist from scratch for me. I took a lot of research to decide what type of gown I wanted, and then I had to go to different stores to try on different styles to see what suited my body type. Finally I decided to base the design of my dress on a Kenneth Pool wedding gown that I had tried on. I went to Bal with a picture and that set the wheels in motion. They came back with a sketch, and fabrics, and created my dream outfit."

Ceremony pics are next!


Baraat: Band Bajha Entertainment | Photography: Banga Studios | DJ: Empire Entertainment | Ceremony Venue: Royal Ambassador | Reception Venue: Apollo Convention Centre | Cakes & Treats: Fine Cakes by Zehra | Floral & Decor: Jashan Decorators | Makeup: Honey's Beauty Lounge | Hair: Beauty Bliss | Bridal Fashions: KJ Trendz | Bridal Fashions: Almari Couture | Groom Fashions: Raja Fabrics
 | Groom Fashions: Tuxedo Royale | Entertainment: Fire Entertainment: Terrance Drake