TGIF, dolls! It's Filmy Friday time, so get excited! First up is an Indian wedding spectacular from House of Talent Studio, that takes places at the The Merion in New Jersey! So, you might ask - What makes this venue ideal for such a momentous occasion? I'd say, the 23-foot ceilings, granite dance floor, and towering Roman Corinthian marble columns that line the perimeter of the room! I hear they even have crystal chandeliers and ceilings that can change color! That is awesome! Speaking of awesome, Maharani Shrina looks exquisite in both her ceremony & reception ensembles! I must add that her hair & makeup, by Singhar by Ayesha, during the reception is especially eye-catching. Her side hairstyle perfectly frames her face and her shimmery eye-makeup gorgeously complements her royal blue lengha! Everything from the mandap to the floral arrangements by Kalash Wedding Decorators look fabulous! It's clearly no surprise why they are one of the leading event decorators and planners of New Jersey! 

From the bride, on how they met:

"We’d actually known each other for 9 years before getting married but I guess you can say we’ve known OF each other for 9 years. We both went to school in Philadelphia and our campuses weren't too far from each other. We had some mutual friends and interacted a few times throughout the years. After graduating, I ended up landing a job not to far from where he lived. It just so happened that one Sunday afternoon, we were both coming home from NYC on the same train. I noticed Beerju getting off at his stop and I remember nudging my friend and giggling about it. Later that evening, we actually talked via Facebook about seeing each other on the train and he suggested we get dinner together since we lived so close. This, however, never actually happened! It wasn't until months later that I was driving home from work one evening and decided to call my brother. Well, funny thing is, my brother and now husband actually have the same name (spelled differently)! So there I was, sitting in my car during a cold winter night, gloves on, driving home. Of course, the easiest thing to do was press down on that iPhone home button and ask Siri to call Birju, and what does she do? Starts to call bEErju! In a panic, I threw my glove off and ended the call, but it was too late… Beerju already saw my missed call. I texted him “Sorry for the random call, meant to call my brother,” and Beerju wrote back asking to finally have dinner with him. I told him it was too late, since I had moved further away, but it just so happened that his train stop to go home from work was in the city I had moved to. Now if those weren't signs enough for us to be together, then I don’t know what is and that's when I knew all signs pointed to him being "the one." And now we always joke how Siri is our cupid."

On what she enjoyed most about planning:

"The best part of the planning process was how involved Beerju was. He really took an interest in almost all decisions we made and was my support system when times were stressful. He has such a creative eye and it was more perfect because we both had similar visions of what we wanted."

On a really special moment:

"The most magical moment for me, was coming down the aisle on my dholi. It brought tears to my eyes as I saw my friends and family there, celebrating this special day with us, seeing my parents at the mandap and then waiting for the cloth between Beerju and I to come down, knowing I was about to marry the man of my dreams. My emotions were at their peak and then when the cloth was dropped, it was like everyone just disappeared and for a brief moment it was just the two of us. I'll never forget that moment."

On special details:

"This wedding would not have been possible without our family and friends. From all their support to the fun performances, every moment was made perfect because of them. My cousins did a rendition of "How I Met your Mother" called "How I Met your Father" and has us cracking up during the whole thing. My friends did a wonderful Bollywood dance with a special twist, and Beerju surprised me jumping into a secret performance with his friends feathering the Backstreet Boys (my favorite!). The one performance that really stood out and meant so much to the both of us was Beerju's "mother/son" dance. His sisters started off with a speech which was beautiful in itself and then as they finished, Beerju's nephew took the stage on the keyboards playing a song he had been practicing for months. To top it off, Beerju's oldest sister, Nisha sang the song while Beerju took turns dancing with the ladies in his life - his mom, sister, niece and to my surprise, me. It was just so special."

I just love their "how they met" story! More Filmies still ahead!

Photography: House of Talent Studio | Venues: The Merion