Welcome back, dolls! Our next cinematic gem comes from Rimas Vasiulis, and features a beautiful couple from Fairfax, Virginia. Our Maharani's bridal look is a knock-out, and her pre-wedding lengha is to die for. These lovebirds really show the camera some love when it's time for their wedding portraits, and wait until you see just how stunning this bride is throughout each and every celebration. Go ahead and press play! 

The bride, on how she met her Raja:

"Paul and I met through family. The first time we talked, I knew he was special. We talked about our life experiences, his time with the Marine Corps, my life growing up in Bombay, our principles, our morals, ambitions and love for our family. He and I had similar personalities, wanted the same things and I knew he was the one in less than a month of talking to him. He visited my city and we knew where we were headed. He introduced me to his family in my first trip to Virginia. I got so lucky with him. I feel we're two pieces of a puzzle that were meant to be."

On the proposal:

"He took me out to dinner in Washington DC, to a busy restaurant on Valentine's Day, and got down on one knee and proposed. :)"

On her wedding style:

"We wanted our wedding to be modern, yet traditional. The wedding was a beautiful punjabi traditional wedding. Our reception was a classy, contemporary, James Bond themed wedding reception."

On what she enjoyed most about planning her wedding:

"I loved every aspect of planning my wedding. I miss working towards the wedding and wish I could re-live the wedding month."

On shopping for her bridal fashions:

"I spent hours on the internet looking at designs and visited Bombay early January 2014 and bought all my lehenga's in two weeks! I tried almost 50 lehenga's before I found the ones for each event."

On the most memorable moment from her wedding day:

"I loved every moment about my wedding, from the planning to the execution. Paul went with me to every meeting and supported me through it all, and toes are the most special moments for me. Having him stand by me through it all."

On help from her friends and family:

"Couldn't have done anything without my family! They were always there to catch me when I fall!"

I've still got one more Filmy Friday video coming up, so don't stray too far, gals!

Cinematography: Rimas Films | Venue: Gurdwara Fairfax Station | Catering: Diya | Hair & Makeup: Mona Badshah | DJs & Entertainment: Dynasty Entertainment