Hey darlings, check out this super fun highlight reel from Hoo Films. This fabulous fusion celebration features some gorgeous floral and decor work by Prashe Decor that will surely delight your inner designer. You'll get to see the bride and her groom get their first looks at one another, and let me be the first to say- it's adorbs. There's also a happening baraat and some memorable words from the bride's father that may have you reaching for the the Kleenex box. Don't waste any more time, click on the video below and start getting your feels on.

From the bride, on how she met her Raja:

"I met him through a mutual friend 3 years before we got married. We met at a beer festival, and when I first met him I didn't actually like him. When we re-met a month later and he walked into the restaurant it literally seemed like he was being backlit from heaven and angels were singing "AHHHHH" (cue movie scene). I was instantly struck by his gentle yet strong demeanor and his quick and sharp wit. A week later we went on our first date and have been together ever since. He actually knew I was the one 3 weeks into our relationship, I was a little later- at about 6 months we went on our first trip together, and I fully realized how perfectly he complimented me and how together we could accomplish anything- done deal after that :)"

On the proposal:

Well I think it is :). We had been together 6 weeks and on a date night we went on a walk in this beautiful park and stopped over this bridge over a creek. He asked me how I thought the relationship was going thus far and I replied I thought it was going really well. In the back of my mind I was thinking "oh holy heck is he gonna propose???". He actually asked me to be his girlfriend that day which was super cute and super traditional. On our 1 year anniversary we went back to the same spot and had the same relationship check in talk. On our 2 year anniversary we went back to the same spot under the guise of "tradtion". This time at the end of the talk he asked me to be his wife. I immediately called my parents and brother who for some odd reason seemed not super excited or surprised. I shook it off cuz after all I had a new sparkly thing on my finger to look at! We went to brunch afterwards and I walked in and my parents were standing there with his parents to surprise me! I got to be with all my loved ones on one of the most amazing days of my life!

On her wedding style:

"So it all began with the color pallette- I'm Punjabi/Hindu and he is Irish/Episcopalian. I wanted to center around colors that would be meaningful to both cultures. So to represent my traditional bridal color I went with a deep wine red and to represent his culture I went with an off-white. Lastly I needed a color to tie it together so I chose Charcoal grey- which happens to be one of his favorite colors. These 3 colors trickled through the wedding, reception and Christian wedding the next day with each color being highlighted differently at different events and with different accenting colors so it didn't look like the same event over and over and over again. After chosing the color palette I followed my gut feeling- I couldn't always describe exactly what look I was going for, but I knew the feeling I wanted things to evoke- I wanted a sense of intimate elegance- a warm and inviting enviornment with a touch of class without being gody or unnecessarily oppulent, and with a more modern flair. My wonderful designer and wedding planner took it from there!"

On what she enjoyed most about planning her wedding:

"Honestly it was working with a team who was just as excited to bring my vision to life as I was. I could not have been more fortuante to have found my wedding coordination team, planning was always a blast- it felt like I had known the girls for years."

On choosing the perfect bridal lengha:

"I went shopping with my mom and cousin for several hours one day in Jersey, after trying on about 20-30 different ones, and feeling very disgruntled, I finally tried on the one I ended up buying. I can definitely say I had "that feeling", you know the one, the one all brides want to feel- that aha moment where you think to yourself- " I could see myself getting married in this". As far as my reception outfit, I had some ideas banging around in my head, through the help of the talented Prashe, she was able to streamline those thoughts and create the beautiful end product!"

On the most memorable moment from her wedding day:

"The first look moment, by far. Initially I was against it because I thought having my husband see me before I walked down the isle would somehow lessen the impact of seeing me. Wrong!! Taking the time to do the first look (at the insistance of my brilliant wedding planner) was the best decision I've ever made. Being able to just have that moment together was amazing, and being able to witness his raw emotion was priceless."

On her hair and makeup:

"I literally had no idea what I wanted. I had a trial done about 4-5months before my wedding, and was ok with it, cuz its not like I get all gussied up all that often so didn't have much to compare too. Again, my brilliant planner to the rescue- she said to me she wished I had more flawless look. I had no idea what she meant until I did another trial with the genius that is Renee from Ishnae beauty... after one trial I was hooked. Throughout the weekend and 5 different makeup looks, all I really had to do was show her my outfits, she created the rest- I'm still getting so many compliments on how I looked that weekend! It was totally Renee!!"

I've got more amazing wedding films coming your way so make sure to check back soon!

Planning & Design: K.I. Weddings | Floral & Decor: Prashe Decor | Lighting: Omni Lighting | Cinematography: Hoo Films | Venue: Cox Business Center | Catering: 624 Catering | DJ & Entertainment: DJ Prashant | Hair & Makeup: Ishnae Beauty | Baraat: Dream Catchers