Rob Lyons Photography, along with guest photographer, Rosalie Black Photography, brings us a lovely collection of an Indian wedding pictorial that takes place in Memphis, Tennessee. Here's a peek at the beautiful bride getting ready for the big day. What a doll, right ladies?! Her gorgeous makeup is by Kasey Acuff  & hair is by Elaine Clayton. Maharani Mana's ruby & gold-colored jewels complement her luscious red lengha beautifully! New World Henna provides the magical mehndi design. See more getting ready images in the gallery!

getting ready
getting ready
getting ready

From the bride, on how they met:

"The "first" time we met was at my school's Halloween party. Vinay swears that he introduced himself and that we spoke for a few minutes. My friends and I left the party to meet up with other friends. Shortly after, Vinay and his roommate tried to leave as well, but there were no taxis to be found! Vinay's roommate flagged down a couple of girls leaving in their car and asked if they could have a ride. The girls asked them if who we knew in common and Vinay promptly said Mana to which they responded, “Oh we love Mana! Hop in!” A few weeks later I was out with some girl friends for drinks and just as we were about to leave when a guy with big brown eyes and dimples walked up to me and said “Hey, you are Mana right? You go to optometry school here? You are a second year? You are the reason I got home the other night!” My first thought was who is this guy and why does he know all these things about me? He explained how he had used our “meeting” to get home on Halloween. Not being sure what he was up to, and being skeptical of our Halloween meeting since I don’t remember, my friends and I left before Vinay had a chance to come back from the restroom. I was busy with tests and clinicals for the next few months and didn’t have any more chance meetings with Vinay for a while. I can’t say I was too surprised when he crashed our annual formal, the "Eye Ball", and at the end of the night asked me for my number. I told him that I don’t give my number to people I didn't really know, and that maybe I’d consider it after we met a third time. He insisted that THIS was the third time. I didn’t buy it. Eventually we connected and our friendship began to flourish. A few more months went by before we went on our first official date, but it wasn't long after that we both knew we were in for the long haul!"

On the proposal:

"Just shortly after we began dating, we took a Labor Day trip with friends to Chicago. Vinay always says it was on this trip, in Millennium Park, staring into the reflection of the Millennium Bean that he knew we were meant for each other. Our friends had left early Monday morning, leaving the two of us to explore Chi-town a little bit more on our own. The only catch, the temperature had dropped about 20 degrees and all the pictures we took this whole day were of us bundled up in every piece of clean clothing we had with us. Fast forward to 2013; We were invited to a wedding in Chicago, and since we were not leaving again until late Monday night, Vinay told me to make sure to pack a nice outfit so that we could try to repeat our first trip, but this time with better pictures; first stop Millennium Park! We made the short walk to the park and quickly found ourselves in each other’s arms looking at the same reflection from before. Vinay soon found a nice looking tourist and asked him to take a photo for us. Vinay is awful at taking serious pictures and always makes silly faces and covers it up by saying ‘Wait, wait, wait, I blinked, take another one!’ Without fail, he did the same thing this time, but instead of posing for another photo he bent down to tie his shoe. This was also the cue for our new ‘Asian tourist friend’, Howard, to switch from the phone to his professional camera and start shooting. Right then and there, in front of hundreds of people, Vinay asked me to marry him! Come to find out, Vinay's sister, brother in law, and Howard the photographer had been ffollowing us during our walk and our time in the park, taking photos the whole time! We spent the rest of the afternoon revisiting our favorite places in Chicago and taking photos with Howard. I don't think it could have been a more perfect proposal!"

Pre-wedding portraits are next!



Photography: Rob Lyons Photography | Photography: Rosalie Black Photography | Venue: Memphis Botanic Gardens | Cakes & Treats: Frost Bake Shop | Catering: Wade & Company | DJs & Entertainment: Luxury Lounge and Lighting | Makeup: Kasey Acuff | Hair: Elaine Clayton