Hello, Maharanis! Take a gsnder at this precious ceremony images of a New York wedding, courtesy of MaxPhoto NY and Event Nirvana. What a colorful bunch! I am loving all the vibrant bridal fashions that could light any room! The mandap looks so elegant and I just adore all the white drappery! 

From the bride, on how they met:

"A family friend that knew both our families had set us up. She just called me one day and told me that there was this guy she thought was good for me and asked if she could give him my contact information. I said yes and the next day he emailed me with his contact information and asked to meet up. I texted him as we both did not think anything of it... no expectations. Once we started texting we found each other quite interesting and decided to meet. I had never been so nervous on a first date before. He was soo curtious and respected my eating restrictions as I couldn't eat meat that day and ordered vegetarian for himself too. He was soo romantic yet very respectful. When we had our first kiss i knew he was the one for me. I never believed in love at first sight until I met my husband."

On the proposal:

"It was Super Bowl weekend and I had plans to meet up with his sister for coffee during the day. I was with my boyfriend at the time in the morning and he put me in a cab to go see sister and he apparently went home. I met up with his sister and we were chatting and having coffee when she reaches in her bag and gives me an index card that says, "Hey Sheetal. Lets play a game. Have fun!" She then gave me another one that said " Go to the place where we had our first date" So we walked out of the coffee shop and there was a Porche Cayenne stretch limo waiting outside and the driver had a sign with my name on it. Out comes my sister's boyfriend with a video camera too. So the three of us get into the limo and go to the restaurant. Then she gives me 3 index cards with goofy questions about him which i had to answer. After i answered those correctly i received an index card saying to go to the place where we had our first kiss. So we headed to my sisters apartment(the kiss happened outside of her apartment). When we got there my sister gave me an index card which said i had to find a blue package with her clues. When i found it and unwrapped it, it was a dress and shoes and an index card that said "You have 30 minutes to get ready". So my sister and his sister helped me get ready by straightening my hair and putting makeup on. Once i was ready they gave me another card that said to go to the place where we had our first broadway play. So we headed over to times square. Unfortunately due to the superbowl weekend and all the times square stuff we only made it to 5th Ave. We then met with my other sister who gave me a card saying that i had to sing and dance to a punjabi song that she would play. She played my favorite song, Amplifier by Imran Khan. I then sung and danced on the streets. People kept giving me a second look as i had a camera guy and i was dancing with people around me (during superbowl weekend). Once I completed that task she gave me another card that said to go where the Knicks play. We headed on over there however it was sooo crowded we made it to Bryant Park where we ran into his little brother who gave me a card that said i had to get 3 shots in the hoop. Out he pulls a little basketball hoop and gives me the ball. Once i got 3 shots he gave me a card that said go to the rooftop bar or lounge that you could never get in to (which was 230 5th ave) So we headed there. When we got there only the camera man and my sisters got out with me. My sisters left us in the elevator and the cameraman says to find a familiar face. Once we got up there i searched and all the way in the back of the bar my boyfriend was dressed up waiting for me. He gave me a hug and sat me down ( I was crying by then) He held my hand and spoke about our relationship and how he feels about me and then proposed on his knee. I said yes and we kissed and then celebrated with our siblings. Then we went back in the limo and I was told that we would enjoy the drinks in the limo. The limo ended up taking us to my parents house where all of our close family and friends from the tri state area surprised me. It was the best day of my life!"

On choosing the fashions:

" Pintrest was my best friend during the wedding season. I got many ideas from there and also saw what was out there since I have never really shopped around for anything before. For the reception, I knew i wanted a lehngha in in turquoise and I wanted it to be all silver.... no gold. It took a lot of traveling to find anything with only silver but it was totally worth the wait. I like to be different so I wanted different outfits... so when I came across my wedding lengha i knew it was the one for me because it was simple yet different.."

On the hair & makeup:

"I don't know much about hair and makeup. I just know the bare minimum that is easy to do and that looks good on me so I hired hair and makeup artists who i trusted and they helped me find the perfect look and i felt like i looked better than what i expected."

On the planning process:

"The process was quite stressful so being married to my best friend was what got me through it. But seeing everything come together closer to the wedding was such a great feeling."

On the wedding style:

"I love colors in the blue family so I wanted to have blues everywhere. When I custom made my wedding lehngha I had them put teal in it as they did for my husbands sherwani too. My reception was a turquoise color and my sangeet was a royal blue. I really wanted a fairly simple wedding with close family and friends however since I am the oldest in my family my parents could not hold back which wasn't so bad afterall."

On the most special moment:

"One of the most special moments my husband and I had was towards the end of the night the DJ played the song, All of me, by John Legend and put my husband and i in the middle of the dancefloor with all of our family and friends in a circle around us. And I basically forgot about my surroundings and sang the song to my husband and acted out the words. It was the most powerful moment where i felt it was just me and him in the room and i was expressing ourselves through the song. I can't wait to watch the video :-)"

On the first dance:

"Our first dance was, Tum hi Ho, from the movie, Aashiqui 2. We had his younger brother sing it live while we were slow dancing. At our Rokha, his brother sang that song and we both just fell in love with the words and how his brother sang it so we wanted to share his loving voice to our world."

On help from fam & friends:

"During wedding planning our families helped out which was amazing. I was also pleasantly surprised that some of my friends really came through as well. It made me realize how blessed I really was to have my family, his family and our close friends."

On special details:

"My mom hired a mehndi lady and on the day of the mehndi, she turned out to be a 16 year old girl. I'm not too fond of mehndi, but this girl had done an amazing job. She didn't put too much but made it look absolutely stunning! And it came out so dark too! Our cake lady was pretty awesome too! With a picture that I gave to her of my outfits, she was able to match the color and make our cake look and taste great!"

Check out some of the most memorable highlights from this week!

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Happy weekend, Maharanis!

Planning & Design: Event Nirvana | Photography: MaxPhoto NY | Ceremony/Reception Venue: Leonard's Palazzo