Hope your having a pleasant Friday, dolls! If not, don't fret, because I've got a highlight real courtesy of Ambrosial Films  and A.S. Nagpal Photography, that'll have you laughing until it hurts! This has got to be one of the funniest and most entertaining wedding films I've ever seen! The dancemoves are outrageous, truly, truly outrageous! This bride looks feurce in her fuschia and gold lengha! Her makeup - by Maliha Khan Makeup - is flawless! Click and watch! If you're not laughing, you'll at least be smiling from ear to ear!

How the couple met:

"Shobhit and Neetu met through sheer destiny facilitated by a coincidental matchmaker. Neetu's friend, Sarah, moved to Pittsburgh from Philadelphia to start her Radiology Residency. There, Sarah met a tall, handsome, very Punjabi, attending Radiologist, Dr. Shobhit Madan. As he taught her cardiac imaging, Sarah imagined a "cardiac" connection between Neetu and Shobhit. She connected the two and after a couple months online dating, the two met, realized the "cardiac" connection, and the rest was history!" 

On the proposal:

"Shobhit proposed the day he met Neetu in person for the first time. Because of their tight schedules, the two were not able to meet until two months after their initial contact. Once he saw her and she, him, families were called in for reinforcement and the two had an official "Roka" Ceremony (engagement before the engagement) the very next day! They had a lavish engagement party in New Delhi, India three months later when Neetu was presented with a ring custom designed by none other than her "Raja," Shobhit."

On the wedding style:

"Neetu wanted family and friends to be front and center for her wedding. Because the wedding spanned 4 days, she was met with the challenge of deciding themes and colors for 4 very distinct functions. She first started with her mehndi which was a simple yellow palette both in décor and outfit. She and her family stuck with color and style themes for each function. For the mehndi, guests were requested to 'go green' in their outfits. Next, Neetu's family took the Sagan to the boy's family and all of Neetu's relatives were 'mellow in yellow.' From turbans to salwar kameez's, a sea of yellow greeted the Shobhit's family along with baskets, sweets, and treats for Shobhit and his entire family! Next, Neetu's chunni ceremony was an explosion of orange, purple and magenta. Custom-made fabric panels hung from a purple and magenta backdrop. Each tablecloth and decoration piece was designed and shipped from India. The event alluded to everything Punjabi and so did the dress code: 'Punjabi Style'!! The Reception of Baraat satisfied Neetu's desire for a "Peacock Bling" style. Everything from her bridesmaids, flower girls, cake, and Neetu and Shobhit themselves pointed to a peacock clad diamonds! The dress code was "Bejeweled"! Finally, the main event was the Anand Karaj at the Gurudwara which was decorated in true Neetu style with magenta and gold and an explosion of pink hydrangea, roses, peonies and orchids! All the décor was custom designed and shipped from India. At the lunch reception, Neetu really looked like she was part of the décor as did her guests who were requested to 'think pink'!"

On the planning process:

"Neetu thoroughly enjoyed spending time planning with her planner who made a special trip along with her to India. They spent days circling Chandini Chowk and high end designers hunting for everything from the fabulous invites to the uber high-end designer outfits. Her planner, Yomaris Maldonado, from Favors and More LLC., accompanied her to every corner of New Delhi designing and executing her décor pieces and clothing! Having her wedding planner in India with her was an amazing experience!"

On the lenghas:

"Neetu's wedding day wardrobe was epic as she had an outfit change at every event! She worked closely with The Sunaina and Shefali Bhagat design team in Defence Colony, New Delhi. They chose the fabric, dyed the color, and embroidered the design in front of Neetu, and she was examining and approving every minute detail! Neetu trusted Sunaina and Shefali to make her look fabulous and with her 20lb Anand Karaj salwaar kameez; they sure hit the mark! Moreover, Neetu's wedding trousseau consisted of more than 60 custom-made Indian outfits! Neetu collected fabrics from her travels to different fabric districts around the world! Each outfit had custom-made Punjabi Joothis and clutches to match! Neetu worked closely with her embroider, Pooja Khanna, of Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, to make sure every bead and stitch was spectacular!"

On the most special moment:

"Neetu's magical moment of her entire wedding was her descent down a beautiful stone staircase to where she was greeted by her father. She was led down a beautiful rose strewn aisle by her proud father. Instead of an uptight walk, Neetu and Shobhit's family and friends filled the ceremony area with sounds of joy and laughter and lots of hooting! The happiness felt at that moment was unimaginable and when Neetu saw Shobhit waiting for her at the end of the aisle in front of a backdrop of waterfalls and true happiness, she knew that those late-night planning sessions were all worth it!"

On the first dance:

"Neetu and Shobhit had their first dance to "Hey Ho" by The Lumineers. The lighthearted song called for a lighthearted dance filled with love and fun! Both Shobhit and Neetu were riding in the car one day and "Hey Ho" came up on the radio. They looked at each other and just knew that this was the perfect song that reflected their personalities completely!"

On hair & makeup:

"Neetu had decided her makeup the second she saw her finished outfits. Her reception of baraat look was two sided (Neetu had two awe-inspiring outfits for the night). Both looks were that of an elegant peacock and her makeup was akin to that. Maliha Khan of Maliha Khan Makeup made Neetu look like an elegant princess of peacocks with a heavy gold and peacock blue-green eye and subdued nude lip. Neetu had heavy contouring and her hair was in a curled updo. In the morning for the Anand Karaj, Neetu opted for a more demure look which showed her love of pink. Her hair was done in an elegant chignon."

On help from family & friends:

"Neetu was completely organized for all the events when it came down to the fabulous food by Moghul Catering, Minar Catering, and Satguru Catering, décor by Abhishek Decorators, Favors and More LLC, entertainment by DJ Sunny Entertainment, etc...Her family and friends made her day special by being there to relieve all her stresses. She was consistently surrounded by her bridesmaids, flower girls, and sister who allowed her to enjoy her day completely without worrying about all the little details which she knew were taken care of!"

On additional details:

"Neetu's bouquet was a custom made crystal brooch bouquet made by Mili Designs, Allentown, PA. It was clad with an enormous amount of peacock colored crystal brooches all hand selected by Neetu herself. Neetu chose the brooches from the streets of Chandini Chowk! Her bridesmaids held crystal sphere shaped clutches! Custom made peacock colored signs were held by Neetu's little nieces during the reception of baraat! Neetu's Jewels were an event in and of themselves! She had a gold and sapphire collar necklace for her peacock outfits and an immaculate kundan and ruby set for her Anand Karaj. Both looks were enhanced with gorgeous hair embellishments which set Neetu's look apart from the rest! The Imperia in Somerset, New Jersey was the perfect venue for Neetu's modern Peacock Bling Theme and lent itself beautifully to the fun Punjabi Event. The Bridgewater Gurudwara in New Jersey was also the perfect place for the peaceful ceremony which culminated the series of events that brought Neetu and Shobhit finally together!!!"

Hope you chuckled as much as I did! So much fun! Another filmy feature still ahead!!

Mehndi Artists: Henna For All | Cinematography: Ambrosial Films | Photography: A.S. Nagpal Photography | Hair & Makeup: Maliha Khan Makeup | Sangeet Venue: The Eastonian | Ceremony / Reception Venue: The Imperia | Sikh Ceremony: Garden State Sikh Association | DJ: DJ Sunny Entertainment