Happy Friday, sweethearts! Today's filmy feature kicks off on a dazzling designer note as Maharani Veera steps into style in some sparkling Louboutins! Pair that with a glam bridal look by Oscar Makeup and a regal red and ivory lengha and this bride is completely head-to-toe fabulous making the job for Robles Video Productions and  Global Photography super easy! Square Root Designs bring the luxe with a gorgeous rose-ladden mandap with awesome teal accents. This bridal party looks like they are having the best time! Click "play" and see the fun unfold for yourself!

From the bride, on how she met "the one":

"I met him in Boston the first week of Optometry school. I was a new 1st year, and he was a 4th year so he knew all the ins and outs of Boston and anything school-related. He actually tutored for the school on his free time, so he helped me study and then took me out on amazing dates around Boston after study time was done! He treated me like a princess and was SO much fun to be around. I knew he was the one for me right from the start! "

On their proposal story:

"Nish and I are both obsessed with Taco Bell, we can eat it at any hour of the day and never be sick of it! Soo he decided to use the hot sauce packet that says "Will you marry me?" as part of his super sweet proposal along with my favorite burrito from there too! (Which he ended up eating because I was too excited about the rock on my finger!)"

On wedding style:

"For my dream wedding, I've always wanted to use Tiffany blue and red as the color combination. The red is very traditional for an Indian wedding, and the Tiffany blue was perfect for a Californian wedding by the beach. :)"
For the reception, I chose to do an "Emerald" theme because I love that deep emerald gem color. For the place cards, we spread out millions of tiny crystal/emerald gems in the trays with the place cards sitting on top of them and the color looked beautiful! I also had a green signature drink called "The Emerald."

On what she enjoyed most during the planning process:

"Shopping! I loved shopping for the outfits and jewelry in India - soo much fun! I felt like a princess wherever I went! Even back at home in California, the trips to the decorators were so much fun, Ihad all these ideas in my head, and it was awesome to see them come to life. I also loveddd spending time with my FAMILY! I was in San Diego for my undergrad and then in Boston for Optometry school for another 4 years, so I was away from family for 8 years so it was sooo nice being back home for a summer to wedding plan with them."

On how she chose her bridal fashions:

"For the wedding, I wanted to stay traditional, but still make sure there's a good balance between the white and the maroon/red, I didn't want it too white because it took away from the traditional aspect of the lengha, and I didn't want it too red because I wanted a good balance between the more modern "white dress" look and the traditional 'red lengha.'

I was obsessed with my wedding shoes (Gold Glittery Louboutins)!"

On a special moment: 

"The Garba night was probably my favorite night, it was in Santa Barbara outdoors by the beach and under the stars in an open rotunda. The lighting, music, food, and Moroccan decor was all so amazing especially for an outdoor evening event. It was just so much fun having both sides of the family mingle and enjoy and just have a fun stress-free night!"

On the first dance:

"Ever since I heard the "Tum Hi Ho" song, both my husband and I have been obsessed with it (maybe me more than him) but we both decided that would be the perfect song to do a nice choreographed slow dance to. I was so nervous at how it would turn out since he was in Maryland all summer and I was in California and we only had a few weekends to practice it! But it ended up being great! And it was also soo much fun!"

On hair and makeup:

"I used Oscar from ziba beauty and I've heard soo many amazing things about him. My cousin also used him for her wedding and loved him. So I just put my complete trust in him to make sure I looked perfect for the wedding week! I used him for the Garba, Wedding, and Reception and I (as well as everyone else) LOVED his work!"

On help from family and friends:

"My family helped out a lot with the decorations and mendhi night planning at home, especially with all the organizing for food and music. This week would not have been possible without everyone's help! Indian weddings often need all the help we can get to make sure everything goes smoothly!
Also, since I was still finishing up my fourth year in Boston during the first half of wedding planning, my mom REALLY helped a lot! I would have been sooo lost without her! She is so incredibly organized and is very detail oriented, and we have similar ideas and likes/dislikes, so I'm SOO greatful that I had her by my side to help with all the planning!"

On the wedding cake:

"I wanted to do something unique and different. I hate when beautiful wedding cakes go to waste because people only take a few bites or eat half and then leave it there.. so I looked around for anyone that could make a cake pop cake and luckily I found the PERFECT young lady in my own city! Her work is absolutely amazing! Her name is Tali and she started her own company (Cakes by Tali - you can find a pic of the cake here). It also tasted AMAZING! Had 4 different flavors that guests could choose from (Red Velvet, Baileys and Cream - my fav, Chocolate Chip, and Double Chocolate)."

There's another fab filmy feature coming your way, so stay tuned!

Cinematography: Robles Video Productions | Floral & Decor: Square Root Designs | Hair & Makeup: Oscar Makeup | Venues: Fess Parker Hilton | Photography: Global Photography | DJs & Entertainment/Lighting: Precision DJs | Floral & Decor: Elegant Events by Nutan