Happy Friday Maharanis! We're going to start off

this morning with a adorable Save The Date real by Samson Productions. This bride and groom are just to cute for words! Check it out and I promise, you'll be smiling from ear to ear!

From the bride, on how they met:

"We met via Match.com (who knew it actually worked!) and within a few months of our relationship, I knew he was the one."

On the proposal:

"It was Dec 30th, 2013 and he said he wanted to go out for a nice dinner before all the New Year Eve madness began. Then he said that a co-worker had a private art exhibition we absolutely must check out before dinner. Because he's an architect and an artist, it wasn't something out of the ordinary. He picked me up and we ended up at a helipad. He said that the exhibition was here since it was an "underground art scene" and the security guard totally collaborated with his story. (Everyone but me was in on this!). As soon as got inside, it turned out that he had a helicopter tour booked and he said that it was a surprise to mark our upcoming two year anniversary. I was going to be in India on that day so it was an early celebration surprise. It made sense to me so I didn't question it. Once we got inside our helicopter, he had a bottle of wine and a hand made a sketch of me (he made it!) all set up inside. There were two pilots in the front (one with a camera) and we went on this amazing tour over Los Angeles. About 15 minutes into the ride, the helicopter sped up and went right above the Santa Monica pier. I was busy taking pictures of the sunset when he tapped on my shoulder. I turned to see him with a gorgeous ring in his hand. He said some super sweet things (I was too shocked/surprised/excited and I don't remember a word) and finally asked me to marry him. I obviously said yes. When we came back, I called my parents and they asked us to come home right away so we could celebrate. But little did I know that he had already arranged for my parents, brother and some of our best friends to be there. They were waiting for us at the helipad with a surprise of their own...a stretch limo and reservations at a fantastic restaurant. Let's just say the party continued into the wee hours of the morning and we cannot wait to celebrate again at our wedding in January!"

So romantic! More to come, ladies!


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Cinematography: Samson Productions