Top of the morning, ladies! Grab some morning Joe and step into the world of one of the cutest couples ever! This joyous short Indian film comes from New Jersey, courtesy of NYNJ Photography and Nadia D Photography. These two lovebirds know how to celebrate in style, choosing Design House Decor as their go-to for fantastic floral & decor. The guests feasted like kings and queens, thanks to Moghul CaterersCatering by Rasoi and Bukhara Grill. Speaking of queens, the maharani looks stunning with fabulous hair & makeup done by Flawless Beauty by Pauline. The entire event looks like a total success, planned and designed by Royal Charms Inc. What a highlight reel!

From the bride, on the wedding style:

"Arpit and I came into this process knowing that we wanted the decor to be different for each of the events, so that each event would have its own unique experience for our guests. We wanted the Sangeet decor to be super colorful, glittery, and basically something that had a very party-like feel to it. We had the Sangeet at the Hyatt Jersey City, which has a beautiful view of Manhattan, so we didn't want too many blues or dark colors because we wanted our decor to pop against the NYC skyline. For the ceremony, we worked with Design House Decor (an amazingly talented team) to create a space which was lush with flowers and colorful. We dressed in the traditional gold and red, but we wanted our space to mimic the summertime feel of July and incorporate the drapings of the contemporary mandaps we had seen online. We ended up with decor that had lots of flowers in shades of white, pink and lavender, and which perfectly matched the color scheme of our bridesmaids, groomsmen and families attire. Design House recommended against the use of red in our color scheme so that Arpit and I would stand out, and I think it worked out well. For the reception, we wanted all-out crystal and white decor, so that we could take advantage of our venue's lighting and also so that the blue outfits Arpit and I wore would stand out. We planned the reception seating so that our families would sit at long, rectangular tables rather than round ones, and had larger centerpieces for those tables to add to the overall decor of the room. Overall, we were really happy with the way each event's decor turned out in terms of matching our personalities and the vision we had for the wedding."

On choosing the lenghas:

"Pinterest was my best friend! : ) In all honesty, I spent quite a bit of time on the site, looking for ideas on clothes, hair and makeup. I decided from the onset that I would buy my lenghas in the US rather than travel to India because of my work schedule. At first, I visited a lot of designer showrooms, and was lucky enough to live in the NY/NJ area, where there are a lot of them. However, I didn't love anything, so kept looking until I came across Pashmina in Jackson Heights. I knew I wanted something bright with a modern design for my sangeet and something elegant for my ceremony. I found both of these outfits at Pashmina on the first try. The owner at the store is amazing - I have loved designing outfits since I was a girl, and I was able to design my wedding top from the original corset style to a more modern cap sleeve/low back style and also re-designed my sangeet top to fit my frame. I also got my kundan wedding jewelry at the store, which I customized as well. I got my reception outfit from Sheetal in Edison. It took a few trips down to that area to find a reception outfit I liked - but I knew it was the one because I had my mom, dad and sister with me that day and they all loved it and thought it was so 'me', which was exactly what I wanted! I switched the color to royal blue, because that was the color I envisioned myself wearing at the reception, and also changed the direction of the sari slit, so it had side pleating instead of front. My mom is actually a really talented seamstress, so she ended up doing the final fitting for me on the reception lengha skirt to make it more form-fitting. Overall, the whole process took about 6 months from finding the dresses to making the changes to finding jewelry."

On hair & makeup:

"I spent a good amount of time deciding the exact hair, makeup and jewelry I wanted for each of the events. While my mom loved pulling out all of our outfits whenever I came home, I spent time deciding the color lipstick I wanted to wear for the reception! Playing with different hair and makeup has always been fun for me, so deciding on the looks to go with each wedding events' theme was a really great experience for me."

On special moments:

"There were so many moments that made the wedding perfect for us. We spent a lot of time planning because it was fun for us (okay, me : )), we really wanted the wedding to reflect us as a couple and most importantly, we wanted to celebrate in the best way possible with all of our closest friends and family who made time to come celebrate with us. I think we began to have an amazing time during the pre-wedding events, such as the Haldi and Santhak, and the momentum just carried on. I remember being really happy and totally at ease during the events because it felt like all the work we had done up front had come together and now we were just able to fully enjoy the events in their entirety. The sangeet and reception were hugely fun for us because Arpit and I love to party (as do our families!), but I do have to say that the parts of the weekend which were truly sentimental for us were our 'first look' where we were able to see each other before the ceremony and our actual wedding. We were just really happy. There can be a lot going on during an Indian wedding, and to have a little bit of alone time to reflect the fact that you're married to your best friend is amazing."

One help from family and friends:

"We had a lot of help from our immediate families when planning our events. It just added to the special feeling of the weekend, because it really turned into a family affair. My dad made the elephant buggy that my nephew rode down the aisle in; our parents helped us scout venue locations and pick the food for each event, and our sisters created the sangeet entertainment. I do have to say that Arpit was definitely an involved groom - he was the one that made us do a choreographed first dance!"

Awesome video by NYNJ Photography! More to come, girlies!


Floral & Decor: Design House Decor | Photography: Nadia D Photography | Hair & Makeup: Flawless Beauty by Pauline | Photography: NYNJ Photography | Planning & Design: Royal Charms Inc. | Cinematography: NYNJ Photograph | Wedding/Reception Venue: The Venetian | Sangeet Venue: Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson | Catering: Bukhara Grill | DJ: DJ Gaurav | Transportation: Filmcars | Bridalwear: Pashmina and Sheetal