Boho chic is my favorite way to vacation and when paired with some Bollywood flare it’s a magical Destination Indian wedding in the making. House of Talent Studio shared this gem with us today, so let the white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters of Cancun take you away. With the CasaMagna Marriott Cancun Resort as the gorgeous backdrop for the nuptials planned to perfection by Elite Events Management, this is one soiree that you will have you changing your weekend plans from relaxing to dancing. Get ready, Maharanis, because this one is a homerun!

From the bride:

"I actually met him when we were 5 years old. Our parents have been family friends for a very long time. My uncle and his dad were actually roommates in medical school. When I was 13, I moved to California and it wasn't until I moved back to the east coast for a job opportunity right after college when we reunited. I knew he was "the one" within the first month of dating and he pretty much became my best friend."

On her engagement:

"It's actually a funny story. I was visiting my parents in California during Thanksgiving and was trying to convince Bhavesh to come with me because he never really got to spend that much time in my hometown. He kept saying how he was busy that weekend with his research project and couldnt take any time off. A day after I arrived in California, i was relaxing in my livingroom browsing facebook. I quickly saw that he had checked into a bar in NYC with his friends when he was supposed to be working on his research project in PA. I became extremely upset and started sending him nasty texts. While this was all happening, my brother came to my parents' house and suggested we go walk our dog izzy to the beach. This is a secluded beach right by my house which is pretty much my favoritye place in the world. I always go here with my family to relax and unwind when im feeling down. I had always described this place to Bhavesh but never got a chance to take him there. So as we were walking down to the beach (and venting to my brother about Bhavesh) brother started getting some bad stomach pains and quickly ran to the nearest bathroom and told me that he would meet me at the beach. I kept walking and noticed a camera man setting up his equipment which is common because alot of movies and commercials are filmed at this particular spot. I asked him if I could come on the beach and he said yes sure and that he was just setting up for a commercial. As I walked onto the beach I saw tiki torches and a million rose pedals in the shape of a heart. And in the center was Bhavesh sitting there all dressed up with a box in his hand. I was in complete shock. It was probably the only time he was ever been able to catch me off guard and completely surprise me. Little did I know, the camera guy caught the whole proposal on tape. It was perfect!"

On her wedding style: 

"Since all of our wedding events took place at a beautiful resort in Cancun, I kept it simple and elegant. My sangeet night was outside by the pool and so I wanted to have a moroccon/indian theme with colorful fabrics and lanterns. The wedding ceremony was at the gazebo with the bright blue ocean as our backdrop so I had added hot pink flowers and white drapes to match my outfit. After being in the sun for that entire week, I wanted the last event (reception) to look like winter wonderland. My outfit was all white and silver so we went with mostly white flowers and blue lighting with a few candles. I used LatinAsia based in Riviera Maya who was absolutely amazing to work with."

On her favorite part of planning the event:

"I would say food tasting was my favorite part of wedding planning :)"

On choosing her bridal style:

"I had done a lot of research before my trip to India and literally created a binder of different styles that I wanted. I knew that I was going for a very short time so didnt really have much time to browse. I knew exactly what colors I wanted for each event which made the whole process a lot easier and did all of my shopping in Bombay."

On a special moment:

"During the wedding ceremony, it started to rain a little bit. I remember sitting at the mandap and seeing drops of rain and people trying to cover their heads with our wedding programs. I was getting so nervous and disappointed but all of a sudden it stopped raining and a beautiful rainbow shined right above our mandap. It was truly magical and picture perfect!"

On their first dance:

"We picked 'I Knew I Loved You' by Savage Garden. It was perfect because we both remember loving Savage Garden during our teens and Bhavesh claims that it was love at first sight when he saw me. :)"

On her hair and makeup:

"When I went for my site visit in Cancun, I scheduled a trial with Styling Trio based in Riviera Maya based on the amazing reviews they got on I loved my makeup and hair during my trial and also love the products they use so it worked out great."

On friends and family helping out:

"My family in California actually got together and made this beautiful umbrella, which I walked out with. My mom had hand-picked the fabric and all the mirrors and rhinestones and sewed on each piece of detail with the help of my all family in California. I remember my cousin sending me videos of them working on the umbrella and singing traditional wedding songs while working away!"

What a dream! If you missed any of the Maharani magic this week, here are some of my fave moments:

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Have a fabulous weekend, lovelies! 

Venues: CasaMagna Marriott Cancun Resort | Photography: House of Talent Studio | Planning & Design: Elite Events Management | Floral & Decor: LatinAsia Destination Weddings | DJs & Entertainment: DJ Gaurav | Hair & Makeup: Styling Trio Riviera Maya