So, your Prince Charming got down on one knee, popped the question, and slipped the world's prettiest diamond on your finger—now it's time to start planning! Sure, you've been tearing out magazine pages and building your dream Pinterest board for years, but now the day has come when you have to sit down and seriously create the wedding you've always wanted. Your fantasy event may look fabulous in your imagination, but to make it a reality, you need an expert planner like Sonal J.Shah Event Consultants LLC on hand tohelp with every detail! It's our lucky day, Maharanis, because this afternoon she's giving us the inside scoop on what every bride should NOT do in order to ensure a perfect wedding day! 

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Mistake#1: Not reading contracts thoroughly or asking enough questions. Contracts are legally binding. You have to make sure you read each and every line so that you know exactly what you are getting—and also what you are not getting—from a vendor. 
Mistake #2: Being indecisive. Vendors can feel like your indecisiveness means you are not interested and they will move on to a bride who is genuinely looking to book them. Ask your potential vendor all your questions upfront so you can decide whether they are a good fit for you.Procrastinating about who to work with will just slow things down—and this is supposed to be fun! 
Mistake #3: Deciding on a budget. We all like to save, especially when planning a wedding. But, keep in mind that cheaper does not mean better. When hiring vendors for your wedding, use a gauge that has more to do with the level of experience and responsiveness to help understand what they will contribute to your wedding. 
Mistake #4: Getting too many opinions. One of the biggest mistakes a bride can make is to ask everyone for their opinion on everything from flowers, to the dress, to different kinds of cake flavors. The fact is you should have only one or two "advisors." If you ask ten different people, then you may get ten different opinions.This is only going to make your decision harder and will leave you confused.
Mistake #5: Not having a realistic budget.Many brides (and/or parents for that matter) do not set realistic budgets for their wedding events. Let's face it—weddings are expensive! This is especially true for Indian weddings where everyone from the next-door neighbor to the accountant to your father's childhood friend from India needs to be invited. Brides need to know to 1. Tell parents to increase the budget OR 2. Trim their guest list OR 3.Realize that you are not having Kim K's wedding (even she did not have 500 guests and multiple days of activities). 
Overall, to avoid these top 5 mistakes, we advise brides to be realistic, do your homework and call vendors to do the proper research, and trim the fat if you can so you can have a realistic budget. Happy planning, Maharanis!