Living in San Francisco, working at a start up, AND being a new mom, means I pretty much have license to be seen anywhere, at any time of day, wearing nothing more than yoga pants and a fleece. Now that my grace period of the fourth trimester is over, I am determined to wear a touch of make-up and a real (albeit park appropriate) outfit every day. I call this my Maharani Mama style, and I look for 3 main things in an outfit : Most importantly, I can sit on the floor in it. Second, I can nurse in it. And, third it’s on trend. So, here's my favorite outfit this week :

Black & White


Citizens of humanity jeans

$295 -
Charlotte Russe canvas flat shoes
Michael Kors water resistant watch
$610 -
Long necklace
$71 -
Floppy beach hat
I am super into black & white for two reasons : Number one is my obsession with Rachel Zoe as a mom, business woman, and trendsetter, and numero dos is that the pieces can be mixed and matched no matter what the season making my tiny SF closet seem infinity larger. Although, in my mind I am wearing Oscar’s striped ball gown, black and white feels effortlessly chic around town. I would love to know, what’s your go to color combo?