Hey, Maharanis! There is nothing we love more than to receive super gorgeous wedding images and videos from our amazing vendors and beloved readers. We seriously wish we could showcase every glorious event that lands in our inbox. But we receive hundreds of wedding albums every month and it is simply impossible to put every one of them in the spotlight. So, what's the trick to ensuring that your very special submission gets featured on our site? We are here to lay out the top five best things you can do to boost your Indian wedding submission to the front page!

1.Use our submission links: At the very bottom of our blog, you will see links you can use to submit a wedding, an engagement shoot, or a Filmy Friday video. All great options! The links will direct you to a form that will allow you to list your vendors and some other key information about your special event. It is an incredible help to us if ALL of this information is filled out COMPLETELY. This is also where you will include the URL for your video or photo dropbox. Using these links is the number one best thing you can do to streamline your submission to the right place!

2. Fill out all the boxes: At Maharani Weddings, we are devoted to not only our beautiful readers, but also to the incredible vendors who bring wedding dreams to life. That is why we want to give credit everywhere it is due! From your floral and decor planner to the artist who handled your mehndi to the DJ who kept your reception floor hopping, we want to include every person and business that contributed to your fairytale event. So please be sure to fill out every instance where we ask for a vendor (where possible) and include their website. It’s our goal to connect other Maharanis to those vendors who are totally amazing! Also, if you are submitting the wedding but aren’t totally sure how your photographer wants their watermark to look, feel free to leave that blank so we know to contact them directly. That is a big help too!

3. Include sensational pictures: In order to create a super fabulous post, we would ideally like to have a minimum of forty to one hundred (no more than one hundred and twenty, please) fantastic images that show your spectacular event from start to finish. Our photography editors choose pictures that tell the story of your special event, so the more amazing options you can offer, the better your chances of being featured! It’s very helpful if you send us a fun mix of both vertical and horizontal images all between one to two megabites in size. Also, name your file of images like this: Photographer_bride_groom_date. We get a zillion called “Maharani” and they get lost!

In addition, there a are few types of images to avoid:

  • large groups of people with no clear focal point
  • large, distracting, blurry objects in the foreground
  • duplicates or images that are almost identical in subject matter and composition

4. Think Maharani: You will breeze your way through this process if you know your event fits the Maharani Weddings style. Read the blog, get familiar with what gets featured (check out the Hall of Fame for top-notch submission examples), and then be sure to choose images that reflect our love for all things pretty, colorful, and unique to the Indian bride! We love clear, vibrant, professional photography that captures the spirit of an event, and we love pictures of all the details: jewelry, decor, ceremony traditions, and all the special touches that make up this most wonderful of all days!

5. Show us your creativity: We know our Maharanis are always on the lookout for the most inspired and exciting new Indian wedding ideas, so if your video or event includes something brand new, it is sure to stand out! What is new? It could be a style of lengha, a location, the look of your wedding party, or an original baraat. It’s whatever we haven’t seen before but can’t wait to lay our eyes on! It could be like this Maharani who found a perfectly unique way to bring her Japanese heritage into her Hawaiian Indian fusion wedding by decorating the mandap with hundreds of origami paper cranes!


And of course, dear Maharanis, if you simply want to ask us why your submission didn’t reach all the way to the top, feel free to drop us a line. We are always here to answer questions! We’ll be back super soon with more inspiration and wedding wonder!