Glamour has arrived, Maharanis! The incredible style professionals at Singar Mehndi Makeup Studio have teamed up with Bharat Pawar Photography to bring us this extraordinary photo shoot featuring flawless hair and makeup designs that range from all-out illustrious to sweet, sun-kissed chic. I absolutely adore this first Maharani with exquisite silver shimmer and peach gloss;  her makeup pairs perfectly with her glowing pearl and crystal jewelry. With over ten years' experience in the wedding industry, these virtuosos know how to create a show-stopping look that elevates lovely brides to true princesses! Just check out the radiant glow on this bedazzled model decked out in rubies and emeralds. Her bold red lips and sensational gold shadow are a picture of all things gorgeous! She definitely looks ready to begin her fairytale wedding. And how about the dazzling burnt orange and charcoal luster on this divine Maharani whose deep pomegranate-colored tikka sparkles right along with her luscious plum-tinted lips. The Singar Mehndi Makeup Studio gurus are also expert mehndi artists as you can see from this Maharani's elaborate pattern. Stunning! Our hats are off to Bharat Pawar Photography for taking us up close to this magnificent makeup artistry! Check out even more beauty in the gallery!


Don't go too far, Maharanis, because we've got another special feature coming up next!
Photography: Bharat Pawar Photography | Hair & Makeup: Singar Studio