The expression on this Maharani's face makes me want to cheer! She is bubbling over with excitement and I would be too if I were dressed in a glittering ruby red lengha and about to marry the man of my dreams! These images by Wedding Documentary Photo + Cinema detail the festive spirit of the day as this Raja rides in on his decorated stallion and the women showcase their exquisite mehndi done by Mehndi Designer. With a stunning venue at Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery, this wedding is sure to be as full of grandeur as it is with glee!
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Up next is their bright and colorful ceremony!
DJ's & Entertainment: Absolute Vibez | Hair & Makeup: Artistry by Christal | Baraat: Fancy Wheelin' | Catering: Sakoon | Venues: Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery | Mehndi Artists: Mehndi Designer