A bridal mehndi party kicks off today's multi-day Indian wedding affair! We know Indian weddings tend to be large, but this Baltimore, Maryland wedding is a doozy. Bride Anjelie catches some "down time" at this henna party before greeting her 1,200 wedding guests over the next three days! She looks relaxed and up to the task, with BINITA PATEL Photography by her side. I love the colorful printed fabrics of this outdoor canopy -- so inviting!
Indian bride smiles at her bridal mehndi party.
Bridal mehndi received by henna artist.
Indian wedding decor ideas for outdoor mehndi party.
Henna artist draws bridal mehndi for Indian bride and bridesmaids.
Indian bride in a traditional Indian wedding outfit for her bridal mehndi party. Decor ideas for indian bridal mehndi party.
Outdoor canopy decor ideas for Indian wedding mehndi party. Indian wedding decor ideas for outdoor bridal mehndi party.
Next up, a really, really big baraat. You're not going to want to miss it!

Planning & Design: Working Brides Wedding Planner | Photography: Binita Patel Photography | Photography: BINITA PATEL Photography | Cinematography: BINITA PATEL Photography | DJ's & Entertainment: DJ USA