Maharanis, today's featured Indian wedding is a real doozy. Of the seven (seven!) spectacular events submitted for this affair, we chose four of them to show you today. We begin the celebration with a bridal mehndi party documented by MDCSF Photography. It's all about vibrant primary colors at this event, with henna artist Ravie Kattaura creating gorgeous mehndi for the Maharani and her closest girl friends! I am digging the blue in bride Anjana's henna, which perfectly matches the touches of sapphire in her dress, shoes and eye makeup!
Indian bridal jewelry at an Indian wedding mehndi party.
Indian bridal jewelry and shoes at this Indian wedding mehndi party.
Indian bride shows off her bridal mehndi on her arms and feet. Bridal mehndi on arms and feet of an Indian bride.
Bridal mehndi on hands with touches of blue.
Mehndi party decor ideas in blue and purple. Mehndi party cupcake food ideas.
Indian wedding mehndi party favors and gift ideas.
Indian bride and her friends at a mehndi party before Indian wedding.
More to come, Maharanis!
Venues: The Clarion Hotel | Catering: Jitu Patel | Hair & Makeup: Chhaya Govind | Mehndi Artists: Ravie Kattaura. | Floral & Decor: Our Vaada | Photography: MDCSF Photography