The cinematic photos from this Indian wedding by F5 Photography doesn't cease to amaze me! With the rustic architecture of Udaipur, India as our backdrop, we join Maharani Amisha at her mehndi party. I've always loved the casual, yet festive atmosphere of the pre-wedding ceremonies, and today's bright and colorful affair is no exception. I absolutely adore our Indian bride's outfit. a magenta and red patterned dress with gold accents. With intricate bridal mehndi wrapping from her fingertips to her elbows. our bride is ready to become a Maharani!
Indian wedding photos capture an Indian bride running down the stairs to her mehndi party.
An Indian bride receives bridal mehndi in Udaipur, India.
An Indian bride shows off her bridal mehndi.
A bridal mehndi party features dancing entertainment in Udaipur, India.
A closeup of this professional bridal mehndi.
Next up: a beautiful evening sangeet!
Venues: Devi Garh Palace | Planning & Design: Devi Garh Palace | Photography: F5 Photography | Planning & Design: Frozen Apple Events | Luxury Bridal Fashions: S&F Collection | Sangeet Outfit: Ratansikheraj & Eshaani Jayaswal | Wedding&Reception Outfit: Padma Jalan