If we've learned anything from Valentine's Day, it's that pink and red are the colors of love. So no color scheme could be more fitting for this charming Long Island Indian wedding ceremony! A simple red aisle leads our Maharani to groom Deepak, who waits for her under a mandap draped with sheer sweeping fabrics. With guests from all cultures present, the couple wanted to keep their Indian wedding fairly modern. Check out these great photos from Maloman Photographers, then read more about the Maharani's design inspiration!

More from Maharani Neha: "We wanted our wedding to reflect our personality, so wanted a very modern-Indian feel to it. We wanted to do all the key traditional bits, but given more than half our attendees weren’t Indian, we wanted the day to translate well so everyone had a great time."
If you loved this ceremony, just wait until you see the reception!  Back in a bit!

Venues: Glen Cove Mansion | Cakes & Treats: Dortoni's Bakery | DJ's & Entertainment: Manan Shah | Hair & Makeup: Studio Sush | Floral & Decor: Event Decorators