Maharanis! This Sweethearts Sunday brings us a Bollywood love story that will melt your heart and bring the chuckles! Meet Neil and Urvi, unlikely companions who eventually fell in love. When they first met, Urvi thought Neil was loud and obnoxious, while Neil thought Urvi was too quiet and shy. They didn’t talk much at first, but noticed each other around campus. Their destiny collided the night before their first chemistry exam in the library (how cute!). Neil was worried because he didn’t go to any of his classes and thought he was about to fail his first college exam. Urvi, on the other hand, was a great student and well-prepared for the test. The future Maharani saw Neil freaking out in the library and decided to help out. They soon became best friends and the rest, as they say, is history!
For this engagement shoot with Sachi Anand Photography, the playful duo explored their favorite spots in their hometown of Chicago. They visited Millennium Park, the Adler Planetarium and the Chicago Botanic Garden, where Neil proposed to his Maharani. What I love most about these photos is how clearly relaxed and in love these two are!

Congrats, Neil and Urvi -- the Maharani Weddings crew wishes you a lifetime of happiness!
For the rest of you out there, be sure to come back tomorrow where we kick off another week of inspiring Indian weddings!