After soaking in all of the featured weddings from our recently released Maharani Weddings Destination E-magazine, I am sure a few of you are more than interested in planning your own! But working out the logistics of a destination wedding can be pretty darn daunting. That's why we thank the heavens for wedding planners like Stephanie Deneuve of Maile Weddings and Events. With more than two decades of experience planning weddings on the Hawaiian islands, Ms. Denueve knows all the secrets of the where, the when and the how to turn your dream island wedding into reality! She sits down with Maharani Weddings to share some of her destination wedding are our favorite tips.

1) Utilize technology: create your own personal online wedding site where guests can RSVP for your multi-day Indian wedding. Visit, which has the tools to help you get started. Your guests and your sanity will thank you in the long run!
2) The perfect meeting place: did you know that O’ahu means “the gathering place”? Hawaii makes the perfect destination wedding because it serves as the mid-point between many continents. If you have wedding guests abroad, you can actually cut down their costs by meeting them halfway in Hawaii – not a bad compromise!
3) Aim for an October or May Indian wedding. The Hawaiian islands are certainly beautiful all year round; however, the best weather is in October and May. Coincidentally, these are also off-peak travel times so you also score great deals on just about everything. Remember: the fuller the planes, the fuller the hotels, the higher all the prices will be.
4) Embrace local florals. Keep in mind that your favorite mainland blooms are probably not available on the Hawaiian islands. To avoid outrageous shipping costs, embrace the local native plants. Want a fragrant bouquet? Check out yummy-smelling white flowers like tuberose. For something colorful, look into birds of paradise or ginger flowers.
For more juicy tips and photos from Maile Weddings and Events, check out the all new Maharani Weddings Destination E-magazine. And make sure you come back tomorrow for our weekly dose of Indian wedding cinematography!
Photography: Center Image : Aloha Wedding Photography | Photography: Top and Bottom Images: Haneen Khalaf