For our second Indian wedding film of the day, Pure Motion Films diligently followed this two-day summer wedding at the Hilton Charlotte Executive Park to bring us front row seats to the occasion. The first lines we hear from groom Jaime's personal vows sets the tone for this love story: "To marry the person you've set your heart upon is a joy unrivaled in human life. I came to this place as a man standing alone; I will walk from it by your side. Purvita, take this ring as a symbol of a sign of my faith and my commitment to our love."
Oh dear. Hear come the tears!
Be sure to check out the lovely mandap by Utopian Events: it's paisley-shaped curves, soft pink and textured white surfaces makes the altar look like a winter wonderland. And let's not forget her gorgeous feet bling!

Next up: a San Jose Indian wedding to make you say, "Wow!"
DJ's & Entertainment: DCs Dynasty | Photography: Love Captured Simply | Venues: Hilton Charlotte Executive Park | Floral & Decor: Utopian Events