As his Maharani gets ready for their Gujarati wedding, groom Bhavin makes his way to the Hilton Short Hills in New Jersey to claim his bride. Pure Emotions Photography takes us on-site where Bhavin, dressed in a handsome sherwani, arrives in a sleek convertible to greet all the wedding revelers. The occasion is a true celebration for our groom, as it was his persistence that turned this more than 11 year friendship with Maharani Kunjan into a marriage proposal! The lovebirds met through their parents, and remained friends while Kunjan was away at college and Bhavin served five years in the army.
But as Maharani Kunjan will tell you, it was her best friend's determination to marry her that finally made her heart cave in...

From our Maharani Kunjan:
"When Bhavin asked me out I tried to say no, not because I didn't have feelings for him, but because I was afraid of losing one of my best friends if it did not work out. Also, he didn't ask me out so much as tell me that we would be getting married, but we should date until I became used to the idea of us getting married. Gulp. I tried to talk him out of it, I really did; but Bhavin would not take no for an answer. Within a few minutes he convinced me to give us a chance. I did and here we are, over two years later, happily engaged and on our way to the mandap."
Eek, my heart is melting! Let's head on over to the Gujarati wedding ceremony before I turn into a pile of goo!
Photography: Pure Emotions Photography | Venues: Hilton Short Hills, New Jersey | Floral & Decor: Somerset Hills Florist | Catering: Bukhara Grill | DJ's & Entertainment: DJ USA | Lighting: DJ USA | Mandap: Mandap Design