We watched as Roma got ready for her Indian wedding, but now, fully draped in a chuni, our bride looks like a full-fledged Maharani! Keith Cephus Photography heads to La Renaissance to show us the Maharani as she greets her beloved Parth. She glides down a white clothe aisle strewn with rose petals and lovely orchid centerpieces from Design House. I especially love how her bridesmaids, dressed in matching teal saris, light the way for our Maharani with tealights in-hand. And let's not forget to mention the wedding altar that is beautifully draped with gold and red fabrics -- breathtaking!

How about a closer look at these lovebirds? Let's see what surprises their wedding portraits with bring us next!
Venues: La Renaissance | Cinematography: Prince Production | Music: Dhol Xperience | Venues: Hyatt House | Photography: Keith Cephus Photography