We introduced you to these lovely new art prints from Minted.com earlier, but I wanted to show you some more of our staff faves -- we know you like variety! Many of these pieces are customizable (see #2 "Laurel" print below), which makes them perfect gifts for newlyweds, housewarming parties or even hostess gifts. Like a great handbag, these prints can be dressed up in a thick painted frame, dressed down with a simple black frame, or turned "shabby chic" with a distressed wood exterior.

From Left to Right via Minted.Com: 1. Quiet Places 2. Laurel 3. Awning Stripes 4. Highway Wildflowers
Let your imagination run wild by visiting Minted.com -- there's even a fun inspiration board you can create to plan out your art gallery! But don't head out too soon, cause we still have to visit Maharani Wamiz at her beach-side Indian wedding...grab your flip-flops!
Art Prints: Minted