We've seen their breathtaking New Delhi Sikh wedding ceremony and Washington D.C. Indian wedding reception, but I saved something very special to close out Shivani and Rueben's union. It's not something we see very often at Maharani Weddings, but the vidaii ritual -- where the bride says farewell to her family -- is one of the most touching moments of an Indian wedding.
The vidaii ceremony takes place after the nuptials, and is usually the last ritual that completes an Indian union. The bride bids adieu to her parents, siblings and relatives as she symbolically leaves the nest to begin a new life with her husband. During the ceremony, elders come forth to bless the new happy couple.
Here's my favorite part: as the Maharani leaves the house, she throws a few handfuls of rice behind her to wish wealth back upon the people that raised her. Awww.
CBArt Photography & Cinematography shows us Shivani's own tearful farewell to her family below.

This last photo just tears me apart! What a beautiful (yet totally heartbreaking!) moment.
But let's dry our eyes, Maharanis. I'll be back tomorrow to introduce a new happy couple with another inspirational Indian wedding!

Reception Planning & Design: Evoke | Reception Floral & Decor: David Tutera | Reception DJ's & Entertainment: Events EQ | Ceremony Planning & Design: Abu Janni | Singer at ceremony: Mika Singh | Reception Venue: National Building Museum