With only a half hour to rest, our Canadian couple Swaraj and Ronjiny prepare for their Bengali wedding. Ronjiny chose a vintage theme, opting to use red and gold with a damask background as inspiration. You can really see the influence in the details of this Indian wedding: from the wedding altar to the brochures and the flowers! The vibrant colors photograph beautifully with these pictures from Ross Creative Photography.
Extra props to the Maharani, who designed and created many of the wedding's special touches herself: "I truly saved a lot on DIY work. I would spend my weekends in Bologna, cutting out Bengali wedding brochures [...], cutting favour tags and [designing] our logos."

Will our Maharani choose a traditional or modern Indian reception? Place your bets now!
Photography: Ross Creative Photography | Venues: Woodbine Banquet Hall | Design: Karma Design Studio | Catering: Woodbine Banquet Hall | Cakes & Treats: Pretty Sweet Cakes | DJ's & Entertainment: Nspire Sound | Hair & Makeup: Seher Studios | Mehndi Artists: Shikha Bedi