And now, last but not least in our Mehndi Maharani contest, I present to you the final 10th contestant: Sumeyya of Henna Craze!
Remember, it's up to the Maharani Weddings community to choose their favorite henna artist, so please remember to check out ALL ten finalists and vote, vote, vote!

A bit about about Sumeyya: "Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do." This quote by Sufi saint, Mawlana Jalelleddin Rumi, is something of a personal mantra. I firmly believe that when one is passionate about something, it shows through in their work and hope that this is apparent when people view my henna work, or receive henna services from me.
If Sumeyya's work truly moves you, make her your Mehndi Maharani by leaving a vote (aka comment) below. And remember, you have to Friday, July 27, 2012 at midnight to make one of these amazing henna artists' dreams come true!
I'll meet you back here tomorrow for Filmy Fridays!

Mehndi: Henna Craze