Since I started Maharani Weddings, Dina Douglass and I have become very close friends.  I can call her rain or shine and I know that I will always get that cute as a button personality who is there to help in a big, and I mean BIG way.  So, when I got wind of her new little project I was completely floored.  Not only is it amazingly FAB-ulous, but in that true Dina fashion, she created something that helps everyone. COLORPOP is a new tool revolutionizing the way photos can be edited. In a touch, you can transform your image to give you that POP!  So, you can get that Dina like perfection to images at the touch of your finger tips.

COLORPOP can easily help you transform your images into their very, very best.  Not only is it extremely helpful for the busy photographer but it is perfect for any Maharani who likes to dabble in photography.  Birthday pictures, honeymoon pictures, even if they are just for Facebook, with a few simple COLORPOP actions, you will be amazed by the results. COLORPOP is compatible with Photoshop CS 3,4, and 5, and the actions are categorized into the following: Color Actions, Prep Squad Actions, Toning Actions and Candy Actions. Use any of the Color Actions to enhance color, brightness and clarity. The Prep Squad Actions are there for you to prep all of your files for color work.  With the Toning Actions, you are able to add specific colors to your already color corrected images, allowing for specific, unique looks.  And, finally the Candy Actions, (used in the image below) are super fun - you can add specific colors and tones or enhance existing to your images!  How great would that be for a holiday card!

And the best part Maharanis?!  COLORPOP is running a special discount just for our community.  Just enter MAHARANI because until May 6th, you get $30 bucks off your COLORPOP purchase.  That is like a free mani pedi!