I'm just going to come right out and say it. I am thoroughly in love with this wedding and we haven't even gotten to the actual ceremony yet! Maharani Naseeb's outfit for her mendhi night was so different yet so beautiful and her bridal outfit, fit with colors such as royal blue, rich red, and stunning hints of a shimmering gold, was no different! And that mangtika, oh.my.goodness. But wait just a second because it gets better, ladies. Sitting ever so casually on top of that mangtika is a ring like I've never seen before, sparkling so brightly. If you weren't in love with this Maharani and her wedding already, I bet you definitely are now!

I think it's time we took a quick break to catch our breath after that. I'll meet you back here in just a little bit!
Wedding Coordinator: Lisa Moon Events | Flowers & Decor: Inviting Occasions | Photography: Jim Kennedy Photographers