Seema's smile as she walks down the aisle is worth a million words. She herself has said that making her laugh can be a little tough. Someone may be able to do it once, but doing it twice is not the easiest task. The fact that Nihar has the ability to make her laugh consistently is one of the many reasons that she fell in love with him and I think you can clearly see in every picture below just how happy Nihar makes Seema because well, he's making her laugh in every picture! My favorite photo from the set below has to be the 10th one down because it never fails to crack me up! Thank goodness Sarah Yates Photography was able to capture that precise moment because it's simply priceless!

Don't the two of them look absolutely beautiful? I don't think I've ever seen a couple more stunning than the two of them on their wedding day. Of course, I may be a little biased but what can I say?!
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