Happy Monday Maharanis! I hope you all are just as energized and excited to see today's wedding as I am to show it to you! This is about not only a wedding, but a couple, that is very near and dear to my heart and oh-so-special to me. My beautiful cousin Seema married her soulmate Nihar in the gorgeous Marina del Rey just a little over a year ago and it is their fabulous wedding that I get to share with you. Besides the fact that it's my cousin who I love dearly getting married to one of the most funny and sweet guys out there, there's another little tidbit about this wedding that also made it super exciting and it's something I've got to share with you. This wedding and its coinciding events didn't have just any wedding planner. Nope, as a matter of fact, it was planned to the T (literally) by Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott. They were producing a new show called sTORIbook Weddings and Seema and Nihar had their wedding on that show! Before I get ahead of myself though, here are a few shots of my cousin getting ready with a little help from her close family and friends taken by the one and only Sarah Yates Photography. Most brides may fret over the little things during this time, but not Seema. She was calm and cool about everything, even when the camera crew came in wanting to take some shots of her with her makeup not done and hair a mess!

Excited to see more? Great! Stay tuned because there are so many fun details from the wedding coming up next! Here's a hint: think "vintage." See you soon!