Pinterest is my newest obsession!  Anytime I have a few spare moments, I hop on and start pinning the dreamy images away.  So, the only thing missing from my Pinterest fun is all of you, so I am inviting you to collaborate on a Pinterest board with me today!

I got the pinning started with a few of my picks on the board, A Maharani Returns to India, and I am hoping that you will help me load it up with more beautiful ideas, inspirations, and pins!
So, to get started :
First, leave a comment with your Pinterest URL.  For example mine is :
Next, I'll add you as a contributor to the board, and you can start pinning!
Finally, we will pick the images that best tell the story of a Maharani returns to India, and assemble an inspiration board with them.
This is going to be delightful, and I can't wait to see what we create together!