You know, this Indian wedding just keeps getting better and better with every photo by Tara Sharma Photography, but we'll first start with the invitations. I love these because they look elegant and modern with the artistic designs adding the perfect Indian touch. Maharani Seetal is just the same with her colorful red, green, silver and gold chudis, matching perfectly to the intricate detail on her stunning bridal outfit. She's the modern Indian bride with her off-white bridal outfit, fitted with just the right amount of green, gold and red work to make her positively shine. One would think that standing next to a Maharani that beautiful, our groom would simply go unnoticed. Nope, don't you worry, that's definitely not the case! In his off-white sherwani, Bharath does quite well holding his own next to Seetal, but the best is when the two are in the photos together because that's when their love absolutely glows!

I was right, wasn't I? The photos just keep getting better! If you don't believe me yet though, just wait til you see the next set of shots, coming soon!