Okay, before we get to the reception and all that jazz, can we just take a minute to drool over these amazing images by Photographick Studios?  I love the way they captured the couple...warm, playful, young, and definitely in love.  Being a Maharani who prefers candids to posey-posed shots, these portraits are a refreshing break from the usual ones we see. And, the bride and groom couldn't look happier!

From Maharani, Lisa :
How did he propose?
He had a whole day of events planned. He picked me up and gave me a list of riddles that related to each one of our stops. I guess he couldn't wait because he proposed at our first stop, which was Great Falls. He had a whole picnic planned and right when the sun came out on a gloomy day he got down on one knee and said the magic words..."Lisa, will you marry me?". And of course I said yes and then the water works started! A day we both will never forget.
What are you both looking forward to the most as a married?:
Other than traveling the world together and going on new adventures, we are mostly looking forward to coming home to each other.
More coming right up!