I have a confession to make.  Every time I am feeling like I need a little inspiration at work, I close my door and turn on one of Pacific Picture's masterpieces.  They always warm my heart, give me chills, and make me remember what I absolutely love about Indian weddings - without fail,  every. single. time.  I still can't stop watching Pacific Picture's Same Day Edit from Pelican Hill or the blockbuster Flawless.  But, my very favorite of Kevin Shahinian’s films is his destination Indian wedding video from Aruba.  Every time I watch it, I am mesmerized by the beauty of the imagery and story that is told through music.
So, enjoy my lovely Maharanis, this one makes me giddy every time I see it!

I mean, the magical team at Pacific Pictures can even get it to rain on cue!
From the rockstar, Kevin Shahinian, of Pacific Pictures :
We learn something new and beautiful about the Indian culture with every South Asian wedding film we produce. Sapna and Vijay’s gorgeous destination wedding in Aruba was no exception. The week of festivities would be a memorable departure from the norm, with the island serving as a picturesque backdrop for the Atlanta natives' lavish two-day South Asian wedding. The celebration joined friends and family from all over the world to partake in the couples' Vidhi and Pithi, outdoor Sangeet and Hindu wedding ceremony overlooking Palm beach. In this piece, the challenge was blending the rich visual symbols of a modern Hindu wedding with an homage to the distinct sights and sounds of the Caribbean islands. Central to our approach was a focus on water as a theme, for its recurrence in the rituals of a Hindu wedding ceremony, to its ever-presence as a symbolic motif in Bollywood cinema. From the blue/green hues in the color palette to the literal moments of washing and rainfall itself, water as a symbol of renewal and purity was a link common to both Hinduism and the couples' chosen destination of the island.
But the idea to attempt a pseudo concept engagement session in the rain was inspired at the last minute by weather reports showing scattered showers the week of the trip. We are always looking for inventive ways to try new things. So to pull off the shoot, Sapna and Vijay were “on call” the day before festivities were set to begin, and none of us knew if or when we would see rain. But it managed to fall at the perfect moment and we hurried to produce the impromptu shoot on the very same beach as their ceremony. The same-day-edit premiered at their reception just prior to their grand entrance on the last night of the trip. We couldn't be more pleased with the results and were honored to document this memorable event for such a fun couple
What a fabulous way to end the year!
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See you in 2012!