And now we arrive to this marvelous reception full of so many of my favorite things! Just to get us started though, the pink and orange tablecloths with flowers and stems to match have completely won me over. Floramor has gone above and beyond with this theme, creating such a warm and fun feel to the entire room. Aren't those long blue stems so neat?! Again, that big hall with three different levels and such high ceilings is another favorite. Things just feel so much more open! And finally, my absolute favorite from this wedding would have to be the lovey-dovey couple. Our Maharani's reception outfit is an absolute must-have with that dark purple lengha and incredible detailing and her handsome groom is such a stud, rocking his suit with so much confidence!

I hope you all enjoyed my favorite wedding as much as I did - have a safe and absolutely amazing NYE and I'll see you next year!